How to make a Account Database?

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  • How to make a Account Database?

    I need this to make a system so that only those who have purchased the game and have a "premium" account can play.

    I thought about using the Browser Behaviour or something, as I have to do if the person accessing the page URL: she is redirected to the game?

    I use the Construct 2 Personal Edition [Steam]

    I hope you understand what I mean :v

    Sorry for the bad english.

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  • Depending on where you deploy your package, you might have options for that.

    Like google play offers options to retrieve previous purchased items.

    amazon has something similair.

    They will store the users identity tied to their device/store account details.

    To store it yourself, you could resort to storing in webstorage.

    Or passing information to a sepperate database through use of Ajax posts. For instance, PHP mysql.

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