How do I access data from a list item?

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  • hi, so i am trying to create a holiday tracking application for work, now i have the calendar up and running and after a few random attempts of different methods -without much luck in creating users.

    I settled on a sprite called user with variables for name, dob, payroll etc...

    now it works each time i make an entry it creates a new user sprite with different variables, and i can check them in search boxes etc..

    But what i have done is at the end of each creation i add them to a list, but as its text i can only add the variable for name or something similar not the whole user sprite.

    it adds in the list the users surname and firstname, but i am unsure of how i can have the list item still access the variables from that one instance of user...

    my idea is to click on the user, check on the approved or denied check boxes, then select the dates to and from to save the information on the calandar and deduct the remaining holiday or leave a note for denied holidays etc...

    but for testing purposes i have a few test text objects that i try to display the variables of the selected list item, so lets say johnson, philip is in list item 1 i select this and hopefully select the user that this name is associated with, then change the text in the seperate tests to outpot user.payroll, user.firstname, user.DOB but the text fields only seen to output the 0's in the original user sprite's variables i made at the start,

    is it possible to do what i am trying? using the same sprite with different instances of itself? or am i just simply overlooking something

    or better yet is there a better way to handle this user information to access it all? i was thinking of a dictinary or an array but if im honast im currently at "IDIOT LEVEL" when it comes to understanding the mechanics of this objects

    any help is extremely appreciated.

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  • Like this?


    May I add that Construct is a really poor choice for this task. I suggest doing this in MS Access or Excel or something similar.

  • dop2000 thank you very much, this helped a great deal, i have a one currently in excel but its not meeting the needs i want and i have no experience in access, so this seemed the best option for me :P

    im sure it will work out in the end :)

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