How do I 2d fighting game

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  • Hello everyone im kind of new here but can a 2d one on one fighting be made with construct 2 . including character selection and all and with cut scences or should i use gamemaker . ? im not sure how powerful construct 2 really is someone please tell me

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  • Only your imagination and skill is the limit of Construct 2.

  • oh okay can i do 3d too with this ?

  • Even that with this commercial Plugin:

    But this one requires advanced skills (not simple click and play)

  • have you made any games yet with it ?

  • You can fake 3d using animations that are rendered in a 3d software and perhaps also use the mode7 (webgl shader) that can emulate the perspective distortion of a sprite that fades to a horizon's vanishing point.

    Other than that, there is the Q3D plugin (commercial) , but it's not yet streamlined and doesn't have any documentation (other than its official topic on the forum). With it you can import obj objects and their textures. In theory, you can build a level and use normal sprite objects (with the platform behavior and all the animations and game logic) in conjunction with the 3d objects. In practice though, I have yet to see any example of this, in fact, only it's createor has provided a working (and very impressive) example of this plugin).

    In 2d however, as Ubivis said, you can probably do anything you can think of, provided you have the programing skills to pull it through...

  • But in 2d or 3d this is a full drag n drop game engine correct ? meaning no actual syntax programming. Also what games have you guys made since using this program ? By the Way i seen what 3d sprites look like i was very impressed!!

  • Well, there's always some syntax involved (C2'so expressions).

    Overall C2 is very user friendly. The only limit is your skill to understand the challenges in your project and how to address them

  • Thanks for the help you guys . But for some reason I understand gamemaker studio more than construct 2 I find it easier to get things setup . The layout sheet in construct 2 is confusing to me .Do you guys know which one do people use the most ?

  • Plus it seems to be more help and documentation out with gamemaker to assist me

  • If you feel more comfortable with gamemaker, you should use it. The tool that you know better is probably the one that will produce the best results. And gamemaker has many advanced features, it's a powerful engine. But it does rely on scripting. You won't go far with out using its native code, which does involve syntax.

    I personally can't get to learn any programming language, I understand the basics but for the love of God, I can't remember any of the syntax. Every time I read or see something on a tutorial, I forget it in just a few seconds!

    But C2 has a very intelligent way around syntax, it lets you connect logical pieces together and it produces the code for you. When stuff need to be written, most of the times the syntax is already there, just point to the object that you are interested to and access all of its available expressions. Then, point to the next object and link them together... No need to remember any syntax. And if you mistype something, the auto-correct system is intelligent enough to point you to your error.

  • What a wonderful short story ellios i enjoyed that explanation about construct 2 . What kinda games you made with it so far?

  • I understand the basics but for the love of God, I can't remember any of the syntax.

    I feel you bro.

    What kinda games you made with it so far?

    I made 7 which all abandoned. One of them is 2D fighting game, a street fighter-esque, which seemingly very possible to do. Working on the 8th one, which is my dream game to make, thanks to the previous 7, I have learn a lot to an extent that now it is possible for me to do something considerably as complex as CCG.

  • What do you mean abandoned ? As in what happen?

  • I have been using gamemaker since it came out but, sorry to say gamemaker is not up to Construct 2 standard. C2 is out of this galaxy, only problem with you young people is everything should available so all you do is click and bingo game made, million of doss made. Well there is nothing easy but if you take your time learning C2 is best. This old-man knows what he been talking about. gamemaker is still baby while C2 is master tool only your imagination is limit.

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