XDK vs Cocoon.IO ? Any experiences?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been using XDK for awhile for all of my C2/iOS/Android needs and it's been fine, but I know that this C.IO is a new option now and wonder if anyone has found it performs better?

    I'm happy with XDK's Cordova for iOS, but Crosswalk is so bloated (19mb + your game) I can't help but wonder if there might be another solution to create a smaller APK. Perhaps C.IO uses Crosswalk also?

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  • Weeks ago XDK & C.IO are not runnig good. After new updates i switched back and forth with the 2 programs. Actually i use XDK (the performance was in the last dual-tests (compare the two programms) a bit more worse. But its ok for me actually. After this i have stop the testing with cocoon (not a bad compiler) but there is a limit with the size of your apk. When its bigger, it cost (but yeah, comprehensible ). and before i have stop to compile with cocoon there was some steps to edit manual dats (more work) amd the waiting-time (cloud) upload/download is a bit longer (when you often compile your html5 project....). I dont know its better now???? but i am sure, that the performance is now good in XDK and Cocoon! Oh, and the support from cocoon is very great (when you have questions/problems). Many people say that when you have a game that is scratching on the limit of your smartphone is cocoon the better way. My Tipp: Test the two programms and compare it. It cost 60 min! (in the tutorial-section you can found a way that you can see the fps in your game. cocoon vs. XDK = tie (only my opinion) But iam interesting what says the other users!

  • Cool thanks for the insight! It does sound like they basically both have pros and cons.. I've had overall good luck with XDK and I'm using the full Cranberry Suite of Cordova plugins which as far as I know is only supporting phonegap and xdk.. i imagine they still work with .IO also since they are still all cordova.. but just another system to figure out..

    So specifically to you BasicTribe are the C.IO APK's significantly smaller or basically the same as using Crosswalk in XDK? Maybe C.IO uses Crosswalk itself?

  • part12studios

    yes they smaller and its a pro when you have short games. But i use a lot of m4a dats for the music in my game. I think when i finish with my project it have over 100 mb of soundfiles. and round 30 or 40 mb more or less after a compile.... its equal for me

  • do you know how much smaller? I know that right now Crosswalk via XDK is a 19mb base file + your game.. if you do a hello world build in C.IO how big is the game then (no sounds / graphics, just some text).

    Depending on the difference I may need to look at that because I have a short game and it would be nice to shave it down considerably.

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