worth paying for construct 2?

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  • Hello, I have doubts about what it offers personal edition or bussines editio, these questions are a novice.

    1. I can see my game on my iphone before publishing? I've seen some tutorial on wifi, but I have no wifi: (

    2. I can publish an application on appstore without a mac?

    3. I've seen the tutorial screen resolution, but I have not clear, someone I can explain better? : D

    4. In GameSalad more such services are not as iAds Construct 2, App Monetization, GameCenter if I buy the paid version, I can do this also?

    GameSalad is more professional to Construct 2?

    It's all so hard and over without knowing English, do not know if it's worth: (

  • 1. Yes, preview over wifi is just a convenience feature.

    2. No, but that has nothing to do with C2, it's Apple's policy.

    3. I don't know what you are asking. C2 can support multiple screen resolutions.

    4. I haven't played around with this a lot, but I think phonegap or appmobi have some of these features.

    I have not used GameSalad but from what I have heard you do not get near the freedom you get in C2.

  • I'm prett sure you just need macincloud, not an actual Mac.

  • I meant if for all devices (ipad, iphone5 ..) can see it well, my images have to be as large as possible, and then if it is below the screen shrinks himself

    to start making the game that put size?

  • It is 100% worth it. You wont find an easier engine to get your game realized.

  • Construct2 is the easiest and most powerful editor of its kind. Its fun to use too.

  • Construct2 is the easiest and most powerful editor of its kind. Its fun to use too.

    You're right, I've tried several and this has been the easiest, but it has little support.

    Few people here have their game in appstore.

    No forum where you can discuss how to market your game for example.

    about the size of the screen that I put up, it is as I say?

  • cesarzevil - using 'Letterbox scale' mode is usually enough to scale any size game to any size screen, although you should try to target a common aspect ratio like 4:3 or 16:9.

  • Construct is the best value for the price out of any of the engines out there. The ease of use and the power of what you can do with it doesn't compare. Ashley and the rest of the Scirra team are super awesome and always on the forums answering questions and providing support unlike other companies. Best investment i've ever made.

  • to be honest, if i'm in your place i would buy Construct 2 instantly for HTML5 and web games development as a main focus, beside that the mobile apps development within HTML5 still improving but not the best with wrapped apps yet, and this not scirra fault or even html5 fault, but the mobile manufacture them self, they still didn't enable webgl for their browsers.

    and regarding gamesalad, i guess for mac users is a good choice, but if it's follow years subscription system, than i won't waste my time with it, i already quit stencyl with the same reason, but for native support, i guess gamemaker: studio as repleacment worth it in every penny ;).

  • Few people here have their game in appstore.

    Possibly more than you think. In the your creations check the stickies out, there are games in google play, on kongregate and in kickstarter.

    There isn't a list of games on iPhone, but I bet there are some games released out there. It's hard to list without the developers telling us on the forums.

    No forum where you can discuss how to market your game for example.

    Once again, there isn't a specific forum dedicated to this topic because mostly topics have been discussed in Construct 2 general forum.

    You may also want to check out the tutorials page and search for the word "publish". There are a few tutorials that deals with publishing your game on several platforms and making money about it.

    Now it's true that if you have trouble with English, it may be a hard search/consultation.

    Depending on your language, try to see if there is a non-English community for it out there and if you could obtain the informations you're seeking.

  • prinsukun: To create iphone games not so good? for uploading on websites does not interest me :(

  • I can't speak about iPhone games but I bought Construct2 in order to create a simple game for kids on Android.

    And a few days ago I achieved my goal :D

  • Def worth the money.

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  • There are a lot of options with C2 to export to different platforms (although most go through to 3rd party services first), and the cost a personal license is minimal in comparison to the quality of the product.

    In my own experience, when I started looking at a game engine last year, I started with Game Maker HTML (paid for it), gave up in about 2 days, found out about C2 and never looked back. Obviously this is just my own opinion on both products.

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