It works! Construct Running on Amazon Fire TV

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  • Picked up an amazon fire tv the other day and was excited to try out construct games on it.

    Works like a charm! Great performance so far.

    Here's a video of it in action

    And here's how to do it youself.

    1). Follow the instructions on the amazon developer page to setup your android SDK on your computer ... on-fire-tv

    2). Install Intel XDK new

    3) Export your game using the "Android" Exporter following the instructions in the tutorial here ... -crosswalk

    4). Compile your game in XDK New and wait for the emailed .apk that intel provides you when its complete.

    5). Using the instructions found on the amazon developer instructions (see above), you install your apk onto your amazon fire TV using (install game.apk) - Afterwards you will find it in the Settings/Applications menu.

    Quick Observations -

    1) The game seems to crash back to the main menu if you don't give it adequate time to fully load before trying to jump in and play it - Try waiting a few seconds after it loads to start the game.

    2) The Ouya controller worked right away (including the touchpad) just by using the gamepad game object in Construct - Functions the same way as a normal desktop controller.

    3) When using the touch pad of the ouya controller the amazon fire tv shows a nice little circle cursor for you (it disappears after about 7 seconds of not touching)

    I will continue to update notes as I figure more things out.

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  • Just saw this video and the other topic. Very nice mon.

  • Awesome, thanks for updating us on this!

  • very awesome. I wonder what controllers are compatible with it other than OUYA? I have PS3 wired and wireless controllers...

  • Apparently the Fire TV can use a phone/tablet as a controller as well.

  • Interesting. A new icon to add in the Scirra's website, about Amazon Fire TV

  • Few more tests.

    I Tried side loading both chrome (beta) and firefox (beta) to see if i could use the live preview for construct with it.

    Chrome - The app loads vertically as if you were using it on a phone and not in landscape. The image was also stretched so that half the keyboard was off the screen, so i couldnt type in the ip address of the host computer. Not sure how to get it to load in landscape.

    Firefox - It loads up the preview correctly, however the game pad does NOT work as hoped. The left thumbstick causes the page to scroll up and down, and the right thumbstick causes the page to zoom in and out. The shoulder buttons cause the browser to go forwards/backwards in history. (However the performance of the game seems to be on par with the exported native version of the space game app)

    will try other browsers and report back.

  • justifun

    Good to know But this was expected with CPU 1.7GHz Quadcore (Krait Cores), Adreno 320 and 2GB RAM (close to HighEnd smartphones)

  • Really really interesting!

  • Well, that´s really interesting to see.

    Does it use the games from Amazon Store and How much $ does such a box cost?

  • Well, that´s really interesting to see.

    Does it use the games from Amazon Store and How much $ does such a box cost?

    It's $99 and they do not plan on selling those outside the US for the time being.

  • The video is down. Is there another link to it?


  • jhempstead1234 - its literally just footage of the space shooter example running. Proof of concept (this thread is 3 years old too - so i'm sure things have changed.

    Export your app as a apk and side load it to your fire tv (or try opening your game via a brower)

    it should run fine.

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