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  • Hi fellow constructors,

    Just a question regarding the Windows8 object:

      according to the manual: On successful purchase - fires after a successful purchase of the App or a Product (in-app purchase) On failed purchase - fires after cancelling a purchase (or failed attempt) of the App or a Product

    Question - Do these triggers work only when the app is actually published to the Windows Store or should they also work in test mode?

    Thanks in advance...

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  • They work in test mode (using Visual Studio).

    When you call a purchase using Visual Studio in Debug mode, a pop up appears asking what you want to do. Here you can mock purchases, purchase fails, purchase cancels, and a couple other goodies.

    If you run the app in production mode, pressing purchase brings up a menu saying the app cannot be found.

  • thanks for reply,

    Yeah that's what I thought.

    I have a situation were I want to display a Thanks for purchasing banner. But in the list of options there is no 'User Cancelled' option, and if you cancel using the dialog (click cancel button) On successful purchase fires.

    Any ideas.....

  • it might be the way you have your events in construct set up

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