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  • Sorry my english is poor, im spanish.

    Until yesterday, when running an application exported for windows 8 in Contruct and running with Visual Studio everything was going perfectly. Since yesterday all going to run very slowly, reaching even to not be controllable with the keyboard and blinking sprites occur.

    This problem does not happen in Firefox.

    Anyway, so I can not publish the apps because they are not playable.

    It may be due to an upgrade of Windows 8?

    Something to do with IE?

    thanks in advance

  • Sorry the problem is in Windows 8.1 with IE 11

  • Yea it does sound like the browser update with 8.1 could be the problem.

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  • Well, this sounds terrible. If every time IE is updated, we lose all control of our products published.

    Anyone else have a similar problem? There is no solution?

  • I uninstalled the latest IE update (KB2898785), but the problem persists.


    After uninstalling many windows updates, I found the culprit.


    When I uninstall everything returns to normal. The problem as I said before, is that it's hard to be aware of them and if not, we will achieve is that the app may not work correctly that go up to the Windows Store.

    Scirra team can review the log of the update and see if they can do something when exporting to Windows 8 and thus not rely on similar upgrades to ensure the functioning of the apps?

    Hope that helps someone.

  • thejbos, +1. Thank you very much for sharing this. I mainly publish to Windows 8 (and WP8), and will probably experience this the next time I try to export/publish.

    Was it a complicated or basic game you had? About how many sprites on the screen at once?

  • THX Danial.

    The game is not overly complicated , but it is a kind of quick movements platforms . The problem is that the game needs some speed on the movement of the character. However it is not an exaggeration or need very high requirements .

    As I wrote before the export in HTML5 and run in FIREFOX , worked perfectly. I am sincerely happy in performance as Windows 8.1 app after uninstalling the update. But I'm worried that whoever has this update installed will have problems . However hope that Microsoft fix the problem in an update.

    I have written to support Scirra to see if analyzing the log of the update can be modified to fix something in Construct . Ultimately I understand that this problem affects all developers who use Contruct or other development platforms in HTML5 format.

    In the coming days I would like to show some of my game , I have worked in about 2 and a half months and I'm starting to see the first results to be presented .

  • After reviewing information on the Internet about the problems caused by the KB2883200 update, it is more than obvious that the problem is caused by the changes set to optimize the graphics performance.

    This is a problem with different graphics chip and affects both PC and Tablets. So regardless of your test works well in your game, keep in mind that some users may be affected by the problem.

    If a user of your games, tells you that has performance issues with Windows 8.1, be sure to uninstall the update everything will return to normal.


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