WiiU is said to support HTML5!! HOOORAYY!

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  • Hey guys, I was just watching the worldwide Nintendo's event (Nintendo Direct) and according to what they said in the Japanese version, the next Nintendo home console, the WiiU, will support HTML5! Ain't that some great news? What do say Ashley ? Would you guys support and make some tweaks to the engine to run smoothly on the new console?

    That would be awesome!!

    PS. Sorry about the bad english, I'm in a hurry right now, just thought I'd be nice to share the information with you guys! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Any way I can watch the event?

    It sounds like a good move for Nintendo, hopefully, it's also good news for us.

    Thanks for the share!

  • Wow, nice share murilokleine.

    I hope Scirra will respond for this :)

    Wii U will release on November, right?

  • Awesome news, another reason to demonstrate that html5 is the future of gaming on the web and to early adopters like us adopting C2 early on...

  • Don't get too excited just yet guys, it's a very minor feature at best and we've seen in the past that "HTML5 support" doesn't guarantee good enough performance to actually play anything.

    That said, it would ROCK if it actually works well. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It's not a done deal: they might mean they support HTML5 websites, not necessarily games. Even if they support canvas, there are unanswered questions which can only really be answered by trying it out: is it actually fast enough to be useful? Does it support WebGL? Does it support the Gamepad API, otherwise how do you detect input? Etc.

    Despite that, we are 100% on board to support any consoles which support HTML5 - they just have to have a decent enough implementation that the games run well. If they're software rendered with no way to detect controller input, it would be a let down...

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  • I'd doubt that they would support online gaming on a console. It makes no sense from a 'more money for me' perspective.

  • It makes sense in a way though, by opening it up to HTML5 games through the web browser, it doesn't really lose them any sales because the games you can play through that would be mainly Indie titles which will take up the player's time but not money.

    So by having this feature it would be a plus point for potential buyers, with little extra work for them other than a good browser.

  • Rory: It's ultimately a loss of money since the player would be spending time playing the console yes, but playing a game from an outside network on which Nintendo makes no money.

    Sure, they would have earned some money on the console, but using the console to play games they don't edit/publish is not of interest for them.

    It would be a nice gesture for the players and indy/small developpers though.

  • it's a good thing to investigate what exactly is this html5 support.

    however my hopes are not too high

  • Flash is dead.

    Long Live The King.

  • Like with the Vita, I doubt they're going to support HTML5 gaming much especially when many browser companies don't care about it (i.e., pretty much everyone that isn't chrome/firefox).

  • The video on this page shows the browser and its possibilities in detail. Nothing about gaming. I doubt that they wouldn't show browser gaming if it were a part of the browser...

  • Not surprised, Nintendo never give the support for the HTML5 developers

  • that's good news, also I saw that IE for X360 going to support HTML5 too, hope it have webgl support, if so, can't wait to preview my games in my TV xD

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