WiiU is said to support HTML5!! HOOORAYY!

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  • Xbox won't support WebGL, because it's OpenGL ES underneath, not DirectX. And MS isn't going to allow a competitor product on its platform.

    For the HTML5 support on consoles, think about it : apart from Nintendo (and they don't manage to do it all the time), the console are sold at a loss. They make the difference by selling the games at a premium.

    If they allow HTML5 games outside their 'traditional' channel of sales, that means a console sold at a loss, without game sold after it to mitigate that...

  • Imagine if the WiiU had a marketplace for free HTML5 games.. just imagine that.

    It would seriously be awesome.

  • Here's what little I know about Microsoft and HTML5 support on the Xbox. Speaking with an Atari rep at the recent Penny Arcade Expo, they said that they were aiming to have their Atari Arcade work multiplatform, and that includes the Internet Explorer app that is currently in beta for the Xbox 360. They were demonstrating it on tablets and desktops, but he said that it should be or will eventually be working on the 360 IE browser.

    Windows 8/IE 10 are said to have HTML5 support and they're cross-promoting the Atari Arcade HTML5 platform to advertise the new Internet Explorer, so I think it's safe to say they're not against it. You can count on them doing their best to capitalize on it in any way they can though, and you'll see that ads are already baked into it.

  • Official specs of the wii u browser can be found here:

    Nintendo official site

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  • XMLHttpRequest/canvas/Video/Web Storage (partial functionality)

    Web Messaging/Server-Sent Events/Device Orientation/WOFF/SVG

    Does not support plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash.

    It looks like we could make a HTML5 benchmark for WiiU

  • Hey here's some interesting stats, claiming WiiU is better than IE10 on PC...


  • Not going to hold my breath. I doubt the Wii U browser will be optimized. However, I did see some nifty games on the Wii with and without it's limited flash support..

  • That's good news, but for Nintendo and console in general, nintendo is the worst to support indie games than Microsoft. also I agree with most, probably html5 for web contents only.

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