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  • Anyone involved in the Wii U export option have any updates to share? I am continuing to build my game in the meantime but for financial reasons I'd like to know what the general time frame would be. Thanks for any help.


  • Only Ashley is involved with this. Notion Games is another company and any contract dealings that Scirra has with Nintendo will just be the two. Unfortuanlly Ahsley's last response is that Scirra is waiting for a reply. Though they did get some where. So hopefully soon.

    However, you should probably plan for a year rather than a few months.

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  • We're still working with Nintendo on this, but they are holding us up. They recently said there will be another ~2 months of legal process before we're fully approved. Sorry about this, we're trying to get them to sort us out quicker, but they seem to have a lot of bureaucracy...

  • Also seems like they are extremely busy or something becuase it has been taking them a while to respond to any emails.

  • Ashley


    This will be a very good thing, if you guys can do this , it will be great. I am very happy after reading this post. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks C2 Team you guys are working very hard.

  • Great! Thanks for the update. I guess I'll work on some WP8 content in the meantime.


  • Ashley how's this looking lately? Any responses from Nintendo at all?

  • We might have something to announce early next year. I can't give any specifics though.

  • For anyone following Wii U development, should be publicly announcing my project soon. I have been able to get a game up and running on the dev kit without an official exporter, though many Wii U features are absent. Have been an official Wii U developer for a few months now and I am almost ready to submit my title to Nintendo for Certification. I will update this post once the title passes and I get a release date. Looking foreword to taking full advantage of the hardware through an official exporter tho.


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