Why is there still no solid movement/tween class?

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  • Hello guys,

    I can't really understand that. There are new features like speech synthesis, but such a fundamental functionality like tween (parameter animation) is still missing. Of course there are some user developed behaviors like moveTo and LiteTween, but they are still limited in some aspects. I can do it with events and lerping, but this kind of setup can get heavy and not easy to use.

    Please, consider implementing this crucial functionality officially as a behaviour.

  • I just said the same thing yesterday!

    Construct 2 should really have an official plugin for Tween.

  • C2 still needs many things, but with only Ashley really programming, things take time. It is still in active development remember.

  • Sure, but I think it's more about prioritizing features.

  • I agree with priotorizing features

    Modulairty NUMBER ONE


    I do agree though C2 should have an official Tween/MoveTo. It's so basic and yet there are so many other options. but a solid land on XY value just doesn't exist. However LiteTween is awesome and works super well.

  • Ashley

    to be honest when i saw the new text to speech implementation i was like


    i mean,thank you for being so awesome and adding stuff and if it was super easy to add, then ok,but sometimes i feel like you as a company should try and stay away from distractions and focus in stuff that really would make a difference in 90% of all your customers ,like exporters for mobile or even better for xbox or wii u.and not to mention a way to implement adds or other ways for people to start making some money.i believe it is crucial for you as a company to start having some commercial success with games that were created with your software ,because it would attract more and more customers and maybe you could expand and then hire more people.if you are so productive with one man show then i cant even imagine what this tool would look like in a year from now with lets say 2 more programmers under your supervision!

  • Perhaps if you were to define what is needed.

    You can't just say gimme tween, and expect results.

  • Roccinio

    I agree with some of the points you've raised, in that Ashley does appear to like to introduce new features that - whilst interesting - are not really of much use to the majority of users.

    As you've mentioned, the recent speech implementation maybe of use to some, but it isn't even supported on all platforms, so why introduce it now?

    There are still many, many 'standard' things missing from C2 which warrant more attention than, what I consider, 'gimmicky' toys.

    It has always seemed to me that what Ashley probably needs is a good Project Manager :)

  • zenox98

    it is very difficult sometimes to get caught in everyday chores and loose the big picture.it is very ,very hard to be the owner,the project manager,the programmer,the PR guy etc. Steve jobs was neither an engineer or programmer at least in a competitive way.but he was a bad ass business man that could orchestrate everything in a productive manner.

    and as "text to speech" in chrome canary ,an experimental browser that nobody uses must list no1 in the gimmick list :p

    Ashley we love you man! don't take anything personally .we just trying to help :)

  • +1 this thread. MoveTo and Tween would be awesome. Bullet just doesn't work all that well as a MoveTo substitute!

  • Roccinio

    when i saw TTS I was like "WOOO Party time!" I have been waiting for this for a VERY long time.

    Something you don't care for, others might ;)

    Not having TTS actually has been holding me back on one of my projects for MONTHS. So really, TTS, omg, thank you.

  • I'm telling you now, a tween movement is not what you really need.

    It can be accomplished easily with a couple variables, and a lerp.

    What is really needed is a path behavior with nodes like the one Rojohound made for CC.

    It can do what you are wanting and much, much more.

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  • newt

    Yes exactly, the path behavior with different interpolation options.

  • newt

    Agreed. R0j0's Canvas or/and Paster made official would also be a nice :)

  • Official canvas sound very interesting

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