Why is there still no solid movement/tween class?

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  • My friend I believe that you misunderstood what I was talking about.

    It is logical that 1000 people will have 1000 different needs.

    But what is the point of one feature that makes you happy when you cant show the world your creation? meaning no proper exporters etc.

    I believe you must first build a solid foundation for your software with a little now and then mix of candy(features) to keep your customers happy and engaged. but what is the point of having an iPhone with all its wizardry when you cant make a phone call? ??

  • I personally don't care about exporters, because I think that mobile apps and foremost games will gradually move away from closed infrastructure of app-stores into mobile browsers. But that's another story.

    C2 is the best tool I used so far for game development, but lacking such an important feature is more than strange.

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  • Just use litetween. It's good!

    The TTS is part of Chrome, so would be easy for Scirra to wrap.

    I definitely would like to see a Path plugin, with editing in the IDE though!

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