Why facebook sdk won't work with ejecta and cocoonJS?

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  • Hi,

    I would like to understand why we can't have facebook working with ejecta or cocoonJS.

    I know that CocoonJS have included facebook sdk but I would like to understand what is the technical reason we didn't add facebook possibilities in cocoonJS construct2 plugin?

    I really want to understand because if it's just a matter of time to adapt the plugin to make facebook work i will take this time.

    Please let me know, facebook integration is really important in mobile games and I suffer of this lack.

    Thank you

  • Cause cocoonJS has their own facebook support I'm not sure about Ejecta.

  • Ok, but before I start working on it, I want to be sure there is no limitation between construct2 and cocoonJs to make a facebook plugin.

    Ashley any idea about this point?

  • There's no limitation to making your own plugin for it.. Ashley tends to care more about Intel Crosswalk than Ludei's CocoonJS due to the past history of Ludei's reliability when it comes to plugin updates, etc.

  • Ashley I think what beufreecasse is asking is why the Facbook plugin provided by C2 does not work natively in things like CocoonJS? Therefore getting to the existing technical issue without loosing time getting there himself.

    If the C2 Facebook plugin worked on the mobile platforms it would mean we wouldn't have use whatever support was provided by the mobile wrappers. Therefore one implementation for each wrapper.

    Clay.io was the only thing that 'use to' work on mobile devices. However, it involved copying some of it's plugin files into the C2 exported zip. That now seems to not work either on CocoonJS 2.0.2

  • CocoonJS is not a real browser which makes it very difficult to support third party APIs that assume there is a real browser present. Does it work in PhoneGap or Crosswalk?

  • Ashley I did get phonegap to work through my facebook plugin. Phonegap has a window.open function that let's you reference the URL address. So I open a window for login and have it call Localhost upon error or login. Then depending on the URL I grab the userid and app token for Ajax calls to the facebook api, or I trigger an on login failed. Either way I then close the window from the app and it's seamless. Does cocoonjs have a similar window.open function that we can reference the URL address?

  • It looks like they do to me.

    https://doc.ludei.com/2.0.2/CocoonJS_Ap ... pp.js.html

    325      * Opens a given URL using a system service that is able to open it. For example, open a HTTP URL using the system WebBrowser.+
    326      * 

    [/p] 327 * param {string} url The URL to be opened by a system service.[/p] 328 */[/p] 329 CocoonJS.App.openURL = function (url) {[/p] 330 if (CocoonJS.App.nativeExtensionObjectAvailable) {[/p] 331 return CocoonJS.makeNativeExtensionObjectFunctionCall("IDTK_APP", "openURL", arguments, true);[/p] 332 }[/p] 333 else if (!navigator.isCocoonJS) {[/p] 334 window.open(url, '_blank');[/p] 335 }[/p] 336 }[/code:189dvgjd][/p] [/p] but I could be wrong..[/p] [/p] Also now the plugin is opensource ([url=https://github.com/ludei/Construct-2-plugin]https://github.com/ludei/Construct-2-plugin[/url]) we could add one or does it need to be added at the compiler level?

  • TheWyrm I don't suppose you know if this will allow us to track the URL as it changes from facebook.com back to Localhost?

  • No idea. I'm just muddling myself through all this and trying to be helpful

  • Can someone tell me. The facebook plugin by ludei did at one point work. It just mysteriously stopped at some point? If so the code looks like it's a relatively easy fix.

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  • The Facebook plugin by Ludei? Where is that?

  • TheWyrm

    I found a plugin for facebook and cocoonjs on GitHub. I'm not in front of my laptop at the moment, but I have it posted in my facebook plugin group. Search facebook for scirra and you should see a group that is titled scirra social plugin. In there I have a thread of messages about cocoonjs. Look through the comments and you will see the plugin link. However I believe it to be broken, but I'm not entirely sure. So maybe go and test it out?

  • I'm already following your group under the name Mat Nicholas.

  • Agh, lol

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