Why facebook sdk won't work with ejecta and cocoonJS?

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  • Ok... Pushed with the same features that worked before, which means:

    On Facebook ready: it is implemented using setTimeout for now to maintain compatibility (very bad, I know). This trigger will disappear in the future.

    Is logged in to Facebook: OK

    Request login: OK

    On Facebook login succeeded: OK

    On Facebook login failed: OK

    Request logout: OK

    On Facebook logout: OK

    Request user score: OK

    On score received: OK

    Submit score of int(n): OK

    On score submit success: OK

    Request Facebook scoreboard: OK

    On score info arrived: OK

    Projects that used to work with the extension still work without any changes. I will take a little break now, and will fork Ludei's Construct-2 GitHub and try to integrate what I did there.

    Again, any suggestions or questions, please talk to me.

    Thank you. Hope it helps.

  • Awesome work Calimaborges, Thanks alot mate!

    I have only 1 question - Are you going to be implementing a post to wall function?

    Cheers again for your work

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  • Nameo, thank you!

    Well, it doesn't seem hard. I will give it a try =)

    I just created a issue in the GitHub repo (https://github.com/calimaborges/constru ... n/issues/8). You are welcome to watch it if you want.

    I will reply here when it is done anyway.

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