Why aren't more people posting WIPs on the C2 sub-reddit?

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  • This board is awesome and I love that it has an active community, but it has limited reach. We need to branch out and show what C2 can do to the larger internet community. I've been posting in the official C2 sub-reddit for a couple of months.


    What other forums are C2 developers using?

    How do we grow these outside communities? How do we spread the word and capitalize on the increased exposure to get C2 and our games noticed?

  • To be honest I didn't know this existed at all

    It would be nice to see some prominent links to places like this, the IRC Chat, etc on the site.

  • squiddster

    I browse reddit sometimes for indie game news, ideas, and just to look for games that I would like to play. I ended up buying it on Steam to make my own game, but I would never have even heard of C2 if it weren't for reddit.

  • Also

    Holy crap, just watched the video for your game and it looks AWESOME.

    You should totally be broadcasting that all over the internet. I have something to aspire to with my own game.


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  • Reddit and hackernews are really the Best way for spreading your game/creation but personally i am still waiting for the Polished mobile export options :/

  • I post on spieleprogrammierer.de sometimes. It's a german game making community.

    Most of the people there are "real" coders btw, which don't think that good about game-editors like Construct is.

  • Well for me two reasons.

    1. I didn't even know there was a Construct2 section on reddit.

    2. I'm not really a redditor, but you have a point. Reddit, 4chan and SA are some of the biggest single communities around and being in even one of those groups can created tidal wave like exposure.

  • Reddit, 4chan and SA are some of the biggest single communities around and being in even one of those groups can created tidal wave like exposure.

    You can also create a tidal wave like shitstorm if you do something that "the scholars" of said communities deem unworthy. Like, for example, using a "game maker" instead of a "real" game engine That's why I don't post there.

  • jayderyu

    There are 650 people that subscribe to the C2 sub-reddit. We could have that over 2000 in an instant if we really tried. More web exposure means more places that we can display our projects on. Selling our games is all about quality content + audience, right?

  • Eisenhans

    That's why you make quality content. Screw the coding elitists. If they were true elitists they'd all be coding in machine language. They're not, because C libraries make their lives a lot easier. It's completely hypocritical for them to look down on us for using C2 when they do the same thing to a different degree with C libraries. Who cares about TRUE coding? THe real question is whether you can use the tools at hand to make something that defies expectations and keeps players interested. You do that, and you don't have to worry about what some hipster elitists think.

  • JJEvil I personally don't care about the hipsters, but I have found the blowback of vile and bad comments on sites like reddit and especially 4chan and SA can hurt your business, especially if you make casual and/or small mobile games (which some people denounce as unworthy cashgrabs even on this very forums here).

    It's a different story if you make 8bit-styled indie roguelikes etc, those seem to get better traction with those communities.

  • Eisenhans

    Dude, I understand where you're coming from. I just have a philosophical difference with what you're saying. Screw the haters. Flappy Bird went HUGE overnight. If you make something that connects with people, why hide it? Put it out there, and let it pass or fail on its own merits. The only way we can get favorable comments on sites like reddit is to foster a supportive community that understands the effort we put into our games. If we constantly shun/avoid participating in those forums then the only voices we'll have evaluating our work are the negative ones. I'm trying to get C2 developers actively participate,create an online community, and contribute honest evaluations. If we stop being so insulated, we can foster a community that appreciates what what we do. Beyond the secure walls of these forums. There's commercial gold out there, we just have to be willing to fight for it.

    EDIT: hell, if you don't feel comfortable contributing your own content out of fear of a backlash, at least subscribe to support my stuff. Because I'm going to unabashedly put it out there. I'm going to tell people that I'm using C2. I'm going to be proud of what I create and throw it in the face of haters because I believe I can make a better product than coding elitists. Go over there to support me, if for no other reason.

  • I think the essence of good small project game development is to make something you would find fun (Goat Simulator for instance), and release at least an alpha or beta version to test the waters.

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