Weird 'bug' in Construct 2?

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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or something, but when starting a new project, I add some background and name some layers. Then I want to add another layer with a background below the layers I already had. So what do I do, I add the background (this case tiled background) to the layer, and move this layer all the way to the bottom of all the layers. What happens is that the tiled background is displayed behind the white layout.

    I've had this many times and it's super annoying. It also shows up white when previewing the layout in browser. The tiled background was still there and you can select and move it but it's like it's gotten 'behind' the layout layer.

    I'm running the latest Beta, but this also happened many versions before.

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  • When you start and empty projects the last layer at the bottom is set to "Transparent" = No by default

    And if you create a new layer after that it sets that new layers the "Transparent" = to yes

    so when you add new layers make sure after go to the last bottem layer and set "Transparent" = No and all the layers that are above that set them "Transparent" = Yes

    you can do that by click in each layer and on the left properties Panel look for "Transparent" and set it to Yes or No

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  • Thanks! I thought it was a weird bug or something. Was totally clueless, thanks!

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