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  • Hello! I am trying to implement Google Play into my game (I want to have a leaderboard). I uploaded my game on Google play, created a leaderboard and got the id for it. Then I used that in my game. I have a button which, when clicked, calls the function "Sign in" of Google Play (not sure how to upload a pic of my code...) and after that I call the function "Request hi-scores", using the id of my leaderboard. (I submit the score at the end of the game using: "Submit score"). I re-uploaded my game on Google Store but for some reason, when I click the button nothing happens i.e. the Google Play login screen doesn't appear, but no error is displayed either. What should I do to use the leaderboard feature of Google Play? (I don't want to use Thank you!

  • The Scirra GooglePlay plugin is only for web. Not for mobile. (I know, it makes it pretty useless)

    The plugin works fine with mobile. (but they do not have the fetch leaderboard built in. They just have the Show leaderboard action, which open the leaderboard outside the game. which is ugly as hell)

    So unfortunately there are no perfect solution, and no fully functioning plugin which got the desired features

  • [quote:27swni7c]GooglePlay plugin is only for web. Not for mobile. (I know, it makes it pretty useless)

    Does it work on mobiles when playing html5 games? If it does than it's far from useless. You don't have to upload to google play or apple store if your game already works without that.

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  • Funny that I responded to this thread yesterday...

    Since a couple of hours after my post Scirra released a (new) NATIVE Google Play plugin for C3! Silviu

    I do not know if they plan to port it to C2? (I honestly think they should since they sold C2 with GooglePlay as a functional feature, which currently do not work)

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