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  • I'm not a programmer, though I understand some of the basic principals (I did study some C++ awhile back). I do not wish to really animate from a programming side (biggest reason - carpal tunnel) and I do have a freeware program which lets me make flash animations (Vectorian Giotto). Is it possible to import swf animated graphics into Construct 2. Are there any animation building software that gives the freedom similar to Adobe Flash (Vectorian Giotto uses the stage like flash) which could be used for Construct 2?

    By the way, the beginner tutorial for Construct 2 is awesome! I would love to see more stuff like that for us who are dabbling without much programming knowledge. I would have done this years ago if Adobe Flash wasn't out of my reach price-wise. Once I get the ins and outs learned I'm thinking of buying a basic license to start with. I'm more of an artist than programmer, but your beginner's tutorial used programming terms which helped me to see the bigger picture from what I had learned when I dabbled in C++. I like that <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Glad you liked the beginner's tutorial :)

    Unfortunately there aren't any import options for animations yet - you can only import frames as individual image files one at a time. The animations feature is relatively new so we haven't got round to advanced import features.

    If you can export your SWF animation as a series of PNGs you could import them - but if you have many frames it could make the download size very large, so I wouldn't recommend it. If your SWF animation is made by moving different objects around, it would be better to import each object as a Sprite and set up some events to move them around in the same way.

  • Thanks for answering. From the tutorial I had learned how sprites can move around with events, and that is amazing in itself! I was thinking along the lines of animated sprites so that different parts of the sprite would move in relation to what is happening (such as a walking animation while the sprite is moving by event, etc). I see what you are saying by making a series of PNGs. I did find a tutorial on the Inkscape program site which shows one how to do that (which could be imported into Gimp to make a gif). It's not what I'm used to, but I can try it out and see what I can make work.

    Here's the tutorial link in case anyone wants to play with it

  • Ah, it looks like you want the Bone movement from Classic. That allowed you to connect together different sprites as different parts of one object and animate them that way. It's a really cool idea, but man have we got a long todo list for C2. So I'm afraid you'll have to make do with frame-by-frame animations for now, or DIY with gluing sprites together with events.

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  • Actually with html5 canvas we might be able to one up the bones behavior of CC by actually using interpolated vectors.. well vector-ish anyways.

    That is if it's not too bad for speed.

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