Tutorial teaching how to fix "Unable to open for unzipping" error

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  • Hi my friends, today I will teach you how to solve the error, here in my region is having a power outage and I was just developing my project when the power went down, when I turned on my computer again when I went to open the project gave this error "Unable to open for unzipping" I was sad because I would lose a great job, so I decided to search the internet how to solve and I really did not find anything about it just found one that said to recover the file autosave or backup but as I had not one of the two, I decided to turn into localtemp and found the temporary files of my project and was there a capx open normally and it worked there I exported again to a new file. capx and ready worked normally.

    when you come across this error just do the following go to AppData \ Local \ Temp \ cap8XKTGR my project is named "cap8XKTGR" your will be there under different name just open a folder each time it has the initials " cap "and ready to smile again, but of course none of this would be possible without the brilliant intelligence of the creators of Construct 2 for allowing us a second chance for those who didn't leave the autosave on or backup, thank you very much to Scirra.

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