Touch Lag. Android. ICS. Default Browser.

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  • Hello,

    I've not tried to do much with mobile yet, and most of my POC stuff has warranted more power, but recently I have tried to do a simple app (less than 20 sprites, no effects, no movement).

    I ran across an issue though, and I thought I would share to see if anyone has found a way around it. The only other post I found with anything relative was this, and it's been closed for almost a year.

    Note: This only happens with the default android browser. I've tested on Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and Galaxy Tab 10.1

    When using the default browser every touch input seems to lag behind actually doing anything by around 1 second. I have a simple app to where you press one button and a number increases. It's just a simple counter. FPS is around 40, unless I set up a drag/drop sprite (to test only), then it drops to 15 or so, but that's fine as I'm not doing any movement.

    I've installed Firefox, Chrome, and Dolphin browser, and all of them do not have this issue.

    Has anyone figured out why this happens in the default browser and if there is anything that can be done about it?

    I know that the common idea for mobile deployment is to make it a native app, but my goal here is to just use the web as a platform as I've no need for high FPS or any special effects.

    Everything seems great otherwise.

    Thanks for your 2 cents.

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  • Well, I think I've hit another snag, one that has no work around, though I'd still like to know if there is one for the touch issue.

    My new snag:

    It seems that there is no way to make your page full screen, unless you have that option specifically in your mobile browser, which is kind of an issue for default android browsers as the option is rare if at all available.

    In light of this new snag I'm going to go the route of cocoonJS and see if this is a decent solution.

  • additionally, it seems the full screen issue is being address in the current update, though no fix yet.

  • try using 'on any touch start' to avoid touch delay

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