Today I should've stayed away from C2

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  • I've been struggling for hours to try to get the player character (plane) with a bullet behaviour to move towards a target. But it did not work properly: the angle was much to shallow, and it would miss the target by a wide margin.

    And it worked consistently with a smaller demo I tested the behaviour in.

    After all the debugging, testing, etc, it suddenly struck me: that particular game level is 48000px wide, and the target and player character were on different layers, with different parallax settings.

    ... <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I knew this was going to be a bad day to work on the game when I stepped out of bed this morning. I should have enjoyed the sunny Easter weather here in Vancouver.

    Moral of the story: do not try to use the set bullet angle of motion on two different parallax layers. It will not work as expected.

    Sigh. Happy Easter, everyone.

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  • Again , C2 saves the day !

    I like coding !

  • Yeah it's annoying when you are really trying to get something to work but it simply doesn't work as expected, and you begin looking over code many times and begin thinking that you're going Insane, but then suddenly you realise it's an easy fix. Happens to me all the time lol.

    Happy Easter from the UK to you and everyone else!

  • sunny Easter weather here in Vancouver.

    I envy you, damn Vancouverite!

  • All the time. 6 hours ona problem. Look at it the next morning or an hour later after a break. Then just sigh and realize the fix is small

    yes, it was a nice day in Vancouver for Easter wasn't it :)

    Happy Easter to everyone else.

  • Rayek

    Smile at the sunshine; still snow in places here in the UK,,,

    hope you get it sorted :)

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