where is Tizen tutorial?

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  • In the middle of July Ashley mentioned about Tizen tutorial

    now we have October and... still nothing?

    So maybe someone who already build apps & successfully exported - could write some tutorial or give tips?

    I try on Tizen IDE to "import" / "tizen" / "web projects and widget file"

    but yeah: when I choose exported directory or .wgt file (zipped directory)

    I always get message "No projects are found to import"

  • scirra.com/tutorials/657/reserved-create-wgt-file

    If you have a trouble with SDK and you want to join competiton - use appBackr

    But I have a question to people, who already use this servise: what happens when you send them the .wgt file ? They return to you correct wgt or they are publishers ? Anyone?

  • Kurz

    I saw it but this is more appBackr manual,

    and as victordiz stated in comment: there are still some problems

    by Tizen tutorial I mean tutorial showing:

    • how to import app in Tizen IDE
    • how to certify it for Tizen store

    and so on

    so I want just to import app to Tizen, build it, check for errors,

    test, certify and then send...

    For now I can't import to Tizen IDE non-minified files (directory nor WGT) so I guess it's not ok

  • even if not tutorial: does anyone know how to correctly import C2 exported project to Tizen IDE?

  • I've tried to get set up with the Tizen IDE but the whole process is so rife with bugs that it's hard to make a sensible guide. I think you're best off referring to the guides on Tizen.org for the time being.

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  • Ashley

    I read docs on Tizen webpage, but I can't import project created in C2 into Tizen IDE. I use non-minified folders (1 way) and zipped WGT (2 way) and it just don't see it.

    Other questions are:

    a) how to certify app in Tizen Store without using Tizen IDE?

    b) some people stated that Tizen Store required "back button" handling, how it is supported by Construct 2?

  • For the back button, use the Browser object's new 'On back button' trigger.

    I think you should stick to using the Tizen IDE, but the Tizen forums and guides are probably better places to get help.

  • Ashley

    thanks for back button solution

    "I think you should stick to using the Tizen IDE, but the Tizen forums and guides are probably better places to get help."


    Android ---> ask Ludei

    iOS ---> ask Ludei

    Tizen ---> ask Tizen

    summing up:

    there were 2 big posts:



    "HTML5's portability has allowed us to instantly port to new platforms as they emerge, requiring virtually no effort to support with our existing engine nor any further effort to maintain. " bla bla bla

    "This means it should be relatively easy to make a high-quality port of any of your existing games, with relatively little effort" bla bla bla

    but in practice Tizen exporter is just plain HTML5 export + added config.xml ; + "on back button" + "lock orientation" in Construct 2

    = 30 minutes of Javascript changes, just to say "You can export to Tizen!"

    personally I thought (very naive) that at least Tizen will get 100% professional support, from A to Z, because it supports webapps but yeah, again... "ask 3rd party company", search somewhere else

  • Ashley why your defined config.xml to export Tizen looks very unprofessional?

  • Joannesalfa

    why it always must be like that? any ideas? :)

  • szymek I didn't use "Tizen export" I just exported HTML5 version and modify the project settings (I really hate Eclipse IDE, worse than Xcode or generic notepad) then added build settings to use javascript and created config.xml from scratch using reference from Tizen Docs webpage, it worked and tested on simulator, there is an issue, it won't rotate screen in landscape mode. Then use signature file before to send .wgt in Tizen store.

    Anyway, Tizen SDK is very buggy, it won't let me run emulator manager. I will use on my mac.

  • Joannesalfa

    if you can paste as-much-as-you-can, then it would be nice :)

    on my computer emulator works fine, but as I said: can't import project to Tizen IDE

  • szymek

    1- File > New > Project... (exactly)

    2- Wizard window: General > Project

    3- Name your project.

    4- Save, go to open .project with generic notepad in folder where you created.

    5- Copy this on inside of .project:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


            <name>Your Project Name Here</name>



















































    6- Save and Go back to Tizen IDE.

    7- Select your project in project explorer tab, right click and select "New" > "File"

    8- Name "config.xml"

    9- Ignore the annoying error window.

    10- Open config.xml and paste this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <widget xmlns="http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets" xmlns:tizen="http://tizen.org/ns/widgets"

    version="1.0" viewmodes="fullscreen" id="http://YourDomain.com/YourApp">

         <icon src="icon-114.png"/>

         <content src="index.html"/>

         <name>Your App Name Goes Here</name>


    11- Drag your C2 files (.html, images, icons) into your project in Projetc explorer tab.

    12- Run and Build!

    How do you even run emulator manager? I'm using windows 8 64 bits

  • Joannesalfa

    thanks!!! :) Will check it soon

    I run "Emulator manager" on Win7 64-bit

    There "Add new" - add emulator-device name

    and then just click this blue "Play" button

    it opens window with phone image

    at beggining shows black screen with loading info

    and after some time it is visible

    but of course didn't test with any app yet

  • szymek no big deal, emulator manager is incompatible with windows 8 version.

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