where is Tizen tutorial?

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  • Joannesalfa

    I did exactly like you write (using HTML5 export) and... it works!!! yippie!!!


    Ashley even with Browser "Lock orientation to landscape" (triggered on 1st layout, on layout start) it shows portrait on Web Simulator

  • How are you guys getting past the Stopping (0% scanned). ?

  • Nomad

    when I build or run on Web Simulator - it just runs fine

    when I try to run on emulator - I got:

    step SDB shell handle failed

    failed to `step sdb shell handle '/usr/bin/wrt-launcher -l' command` operation

    (Return Code:30)sdb execute shell command - sdb time out exception

    on Tizen IDE level

  • I was talking about building a .wgt so I can push it to the emulator :)

    Edit: well nevermind, looks like I got it deployed but framerate is bad. I guess I'll have to rethink this physics game.

  • I managed to run the emulator on Windows 8 64bit .

    My config: Intel i5-3330S, 8GB RAM 1600MHz, Nvidia GTX650 Ti 1GB.

    With Hardware Virtualization enabled (CPU + GPU) runs 1280x720 at 20-30fps (at best). A SSD would be good since my HDD is used at 100% when the emulator is running.

  • If my game runs decently on a ipod touch 4th gen, can it be assumed that it will run fine on Tizen? The emulator is saying I am getting 10 - 15 fps with webgl keep in mind, while my ipod can run it on canvas 2d with 30 - 45 fps.

    I'm confused here.

  • my first app submitted to Tizen Store was just rejected:

    2221750     Add Hoc / Menu Tree


    The application is forced closed. That happens every time that user try to run the application.

    2221704 Automation Test [Function] Incomplete URL


    The application contains an incomplete URL (http://www.google.com/chrome/)

    2221705 Automation Test [Content] Check icon shape


    1. Launching icon is not a circle.

    2. Launching icon size is not 117 x 117 pixels.

    • The policy of icon size has been changed from 108 x 108 pixels to 117 x 117 pixels.

    3. Registered icon in the Tizen seller office is not a circle.

    [Test Procedure]

    1. Check if the launching icon is a circle of 117px size.

    2. Check if the registered icon in the Tizen seller office is a circle of 512px size.

    [Expected Result]

    The main icon represents the application and it is recommended to be a circular shape. It is normally used in the App tray and on the Home screen.

    However, in case the main icon is used in other applications, it should be noticeable on any background.

    The main icon should have the following properties :

    • File format: PNG file with a transparent background
    • Size : 117 x 117 pixels (based on the HD resolution), 512 x 512 pixels (an icon for the registration)
    • Effect : Give the circular icon a sense of dimension. Depicting the light as coming down at 90 degrees from the top of the icon gives the best lighting effect that promotes consistency and improves the quality of the new icon.
  • I think a fuller, complete tutorial should be created.

    I'm at a point where I can't export my Tizen game from C2 because I need an ID, and I also can't get an ID until I submit it to the store. WHAT?!?!?

    "The Content ID is a 12 digit number issued to you by the Tizen Store when you submit your app."

    Are these 2 different things?

    I read somewhere that other people got their IDs from the SDK (Which is very poorly put together, and required reinstalling 6 times before it accepted that the installation file wasn't invalid.

    Can anyone that has managed to navigate this maze, please inform me where I can find my ID, so I can export my game, so I can get my ID to submit my game, please?

  • AnD4D

    One thing is package ID visible in config.xml

    <tizen:application id="<random ID here>.MySuperChickenBlast" package="<random ID here>" required_version="2.2"/>

    package ID should be unique - you can random generate it on config.xml view in Tizen IDE...

    Second thing is Tizen Store ID which is ID given to you by Tizen Store

    so what to do?

    1) just generate random package ID in Tizen SDK (or put your own code - but remember that when you submit app with SPECIFIC package ID - then later you can't change this package ID (so if you submit app with NEW package id - it will be treated like a new app)

    2) upload to Tizen Store

    3) when uploaded to Tizen Store, then automatically you get Tizen Store ID

    (this 12 digit number)

    4) this 12 digit number you can submit to Tizen App Challenge

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  • szymek

    Thanks... the tutorial I was following skipped this. It told me to move the config file, so I did that... then when I went to export, and was looking around for my ID, the SDK couldn't see the config because it was moved.

    Thanks a lot!

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