Tip for Intel XDK v505: update source directory

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  • I've recently switched from using CocoonJS to IntelXDK for exporting to Android, convinced by Ashley's posts




    I did get stuck for a while, trying to preview with the Intel XDK emulator gave me an "endless white screen" and didn't load my project at all. In the Intel XDK forums, others seemed to be having a similar issue after the update to version 505. The fix was obvious in retrospect (as many fixes are?): when a new project is created, the Intel XDK creates an index.html file in a directory called "www"; the default settings use this as the source directory. To fix this: after exporting your Construct2 project, in the Intel XDK window, click the "XDK Projects" icon/text in the top-left of the window, and change the source directory so that it uses the directory that contains the index.html file generated by Construct2 instead.

    Just thought I'd share this story here in case anyone else ran into similar difficulties.

  • Do you by any chance create a blank projekt in the beginning?

    Because if you don't and start with the import right away, nothing extra gets created in 505.

  • hi,

    I just switch to intel xdk too, but after the white screen you've got, I use "import an existing app" instead create blankk to solve the problem.

    now i have a black screen on my devices (iphone4 and ipad)

    the emulate works ok, but not the test on devices..

    i've just create a new project on C2 with just an image to try...

    i can see the intel demo on my devices but not the construct project...

    any one can tel me how to make this works?


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  • guys after updating from version 240 (i think) to the newest 505 i cant open xdk. It crashes. "xdk encountered a problem and must restart".

    ive check my java version is up to date. im running w7 64bit

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