time to test on android and IOS fail ...

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  • Hello,

    i have spended so much time and efforts to create my game with construct, i espect you guys can help me a bit

    first of all, my game is containing only 3 scenes: openning logo, main menu, and scene game.

    i have added admob for ads, and iap for th shop.

    And i'm using a lot of spriter objects for animations.

    everything is working nicelly on windows when i test my application, except for iap and ads i cannot see, it's why it's important to test it on the mobiles to check if everything is ok.

    i have been using Intel XDK to transpose the game to android and IOS, (with some difficulties and IOS as usual due to the certificate process not really clear) nad weel after few hours i got my builds!

    Testing on android result:

    the game install properlly, start loading with the icon and bar... then crash

    ok and of test for this part, i think my android is to old

    Testing on IOS result: (Ipad)

    Installed through Itunes, looks ok, not very long time to install it.

    Application starts, show my first scene logo intro duction without any sound...

    start the main menu, always without any music, then i discovered that i have to touch the screen to activate the music ... (wtf ?!! the music of the first scene is also playing in the same time ?? never scripted things to be like that )

    let's start the scene game finally, it looks ok UI Is here, ready to start, lets drag and drop my icon where i need it (it should create a character made with spriter on drop). nothing is created.... and more, all the others positions where i normaly can drop characters are inactive.

    i have a button made to delete the created character and reset the scene, using it do something that clear the only character i droped, allowing me to drop a new one here, and only here...

    this is a totally fail project, designed for mobile, only working on windows.

    is there any clue about all this problems ?

    thanks for reading me

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  • Unfortunately, digging through the code in the capx is where most would start when trying to find the solution. From what I can tell, the problem might be the ads and shop. If it runs in browser while ignoring ads and shop, that might give you a clue as to whats causing it to crash. Have you tested it in mobile browser yet - without building APK and installing? Doing that might give you a clue as to what is going on. Search Google Play store for 'HTML5 Loader'. There's a 99 cent app that can be used to load and test HTML5 projects without building to APK and installing. Or, put it on a web server and browse to it with your phone.

    Another thing you could do is try using an android emulator if you think your android is old: https://developer.android.com/studio/run/emulator.html

    Also, make a few copies of the capx and start working backwards (dont want to trash your original project). Remove the code that you think might cause a crash and then re-test. That might help you narrow it down.

    And one more thing, try using a different tool to compile your APK. Sometimes the bugs are caused by the compiler and not the coder.

    As for IOS, I cant help you at all there. Good luck and try not to give up.

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