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  • To give you an idea how far things have come, when C2 first launched, WebGL did not exist. Only Chrome and Firefox ran the games at all, and with a software-rendered canvas2d that could only do 30 FPS on a high-end gaming machine. We got a lot of flak for not choosing Flash, and there were a bunch of threads like this over it

    I, for one, am very glad that you did not go with Flash. That software has proved to be a security nightmare for almost anyone who uses it now.

  • I, for one, am very glad that you did not go with Flash. That software has proved to be a security nightmare for almost anyone who uses it now.

    +1 It was a very foreseeing decision from Scirra.

  • I used to build some stuff with AS3 for flash/web and AIR technology. I must admit it was a very pleasent experience after all. Simpe scripting (observer based), pretty wide possibilities. However I am not expert in this topic at all so I have no idea about security stuff there etc. Anyway It was fun but HTML5 is an alternative with a lot of advantages over flash. So yea it was a good call .

  • I vote html5/JavaScript engine only ( current solution ) , unless scirra has more than 10 programmers for engine.

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  • >

    > So I guess until someone makes such an engine with the intuitive event system that exports native, C2/C3 is still the best we got for 2D.


    I'm keeping an eye out for Clickteam's Fusion 3, for this reason.

    If it comes out in our lifetime that is. Fusion 2 has been pretty wonky for me, especially for mid size projects. Not really having high hopes with it at the moment.

    C2 has it's flaws if you're trying to create something for other platforms, but it's the best web engine bar none. Outside that it has limitations that rely on third party exporters and compilers. I see the possibility of using C2 not just for browser games, but websites as well.

    I've learned that it's not limited to C2, but game engines and OS have a sort of give and take relationship. You could make an app and compile it for iOS, but then Apple will go change something months later and your game (and future ones) will no longer function until the engine changes or the OS reverts back. Chances are the game engine will have to make an update just to keep up with the OS changes.

    I was thinking of some ideas that C3 could take advantage of somehow, like some stronger animation capabilities that could rival or even surpass flash. It wouldn't be limited to just a game engine, but 2D animation that can be taken advantage of for creating web toons. Expand on C2s limited paint tools and give more creative freedom. Maybe go so far as to create like a mini vector art program since it's cleaner than rasterize art. Could be more than a game engine, but an animator's tool as well. Top it off, you can even use animations made within C3 for your games, apps, and web pages.

    Reason I was suggesting this is that there are many indie games that try to revive the old FMV interactive games of the 90s. FNAF, Her Story are two games I can think of on the top of my head. Imagine if someone could make the next "Dragon's Lair" or "Space Ace" in C3 if it gives you the possibility. Really usher in a renaissance.

    Okay, maybe I'm thinking too big. Carry on!

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