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  • I have a pile of games that cannot be published in App Store due to different bugs.

    Any screenshots or capxs anywhere? If you've struggled for 2.5 years with a "pile of games" and haven't been able to publish any because of the technology you're using, at some point I would hope you thought "maybe I should use a different engine".

    At any rate, post some work. Maybe we can help.

  • This conversation is going in the wrong direction.

    There is a price one have to pay for using a young technology... and I'm not talking about C2. HTML5 is a relatively young technology itself.

    No need to quote each other and just push back the "smart words".

    All has been said already I believe.

  • But what if you REALLY try to do some work? And make MONEY? What if you have CUSTOMERS?


    Summary: Jumping from one program (which you have worked for 2,5 years) to another, it is not economically feasible. It is actually a bad bet. It is done if you don't have any options anymore.

    I'm seriously not trying to be confrontational, but objectively speaking, your two choices are to move to another solution that has what you need, or stay and hope that what you need will get developed in the future when the developer itself has stated no. If you're talking about betting, those options are like 100% chance and 0% chance to win, and you're saying the 100% is a bad bet.

    The 2.5 years of development is already a sunk cost regardless of how you proceed. What you take away from it is up to you. Personally, I would say if I've spent years writing program worth publishing and I need to publish but currently can't, the fact that I've made it, I've seen it, and I'm confident in it, is still valuable to me (its called prototyping - one of the highly touted use cases for C2). I know I'll make my money back so I can justify licensing industry standard high end software to publish it (you have CUSTOMERS). I wouldn't care much about learning a new language, there are manuals and references for that. The game logic and structure are already all worked out, putting it back together in another program would be multitudes faster than the first time. Also, even if you have invest time to learn another program, regardless of the benefit for your current project, that experience will be extremely valuable for all your future projects since you seem to be quite serious about making money with this. In that endeavor, I wouldn't let my success be tied to any one program/company. THAT would be the real bad bet.

  • oosyrag I'm agree with you in very many things what you say, but not with all. In any case, I guess we all make enough a noise for a while? I think everyone already understand what I desire or want. And I also understand very well that there is nothing going to change in Construct trajectory.

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  • I've been around since Ashley wrote at "the Daily Click" -forums that instead of making plugins for multimedia fusion, he is going to make his own game engine. This has to be over 10 years ago? So Construct Classic became. After awhile development of Construct 2 started and it was supposed to be a "game changer". Ever since I've been waiting for Construct 2 to become credible development tool for something else than web. So I've come to conclusion that it's not going to be anything else, at least for years.

    So lets face it. Construct 2 is a tool for web games and everything else is a bad compromises. C2 shouldn't pretend to be anything else.

    Construct 2 has by far the best editor, but seriously it's only for web games. Too much of a hassle if you try to make something else. Almost every one that has started to do something more serious have switched to another game engine. Even though I love construct 2, It drives me constantly to search for alternatives. And now it seems like I've found something else...

  • Construct 2 has by far the best editor, but seriously it's only for web games. Too much of a hassle if you try to make something else. Almost every one that has started to do something more serious have switched to another game engine. Even though I love construct 2, It drives me constantly to search for alternatives. And now it seems like I've found something else...

    So what did you find then? Please do tell.

  • Right. So what are you saying? Hands up because "not can do"? Why all the other software have own exporters? Unity, Unreal Engine, Game Maker, Stencyl, GameSalad, Clickteam Fusion? Because they are so stupid that do extra work and build own exporters? Right. And I mean now iOS and Android exporters.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Unity have the same sort of issue that Ashley has been describing, where browser makers suddenly dropped support for Unity's web player?

  • Quicksand the Unity web player was likely just a browser plugin version of their already existing native runtimes for Win/Mac/Linux/Mobile, so it probably wasn't much more work to create after the native versions.

    That said, they did end up adding HTML5 + WebGL export anyway so that games could still be embedded inside a webpage instead of downloaded though.

  • I've been trying almost every game engine there is. And always find myself constantly coming back to Construct 2 - only to find myself frustrated at some issue that can't be resolved with current technology. The workflow, editor and event system are superb in C2, but I wan't to make also something else than web-games. I think the construct IDE is perfect, but the underlying engine isn't ready for serious development.

    I have done games in flash, clickteam products since knp-->cnc-->mmf-->fusion,Game maker, tried unity and ue4, spark, polycode, Zgameditor, gamesalad, stencyl, ...you name it.

    I've been avoiding scripting, even though I know some. But now I'm falling in love with Godot engine. It seems to do so many things right. With Godot you need to do scripting, but it's super simple. Almost like making events in C2. The nestable scene system in ingenious. Godot runs in Win, OSX, Linux. Engine is very light, only a 23mb standalone file - i.e. No install required. The layout is simple to understand, the script is very easy to catch up with and it comes in a nice small package with lots of export options. Native android also. And it's FREE

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  • neverk

    Please tell more. Have you tested the engine in a real situation? For example on Android phone? What about iOS developing with Godot? Performance on mobile? It's better than C2 or equal?

  • FMFM

    all Okam studio games are made with godot

    More examples

    This is a nice place to start learning

    Also visual scripting is in plans...

    Nice examples at the developers youtube channel

    Isometric tilemaps with lighting for example.

  • neverk Good Game Engine. I'll await the results of Construct 3 and if it doesn't come to my liking, i'll try this Godot Engine for android but I still can't replace construct 2 for web games. Like you said, Construct 2 is better for web games but poor on everything else.

  • Oh my gosh, GODOT is a free game engine! Why would I ever use anything else?

  • winkr7

    You should check the reviews from the steam page

    That gives a quite good picture what other game devs think about it...

  • neverk

    Sounds good. I spend this weekend with Godot and let's see. Thanks for sharing!

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