Tilt/compass Problem on Tablet

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  • Hi There.

    On this Tutorial



    i tested it with Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab A .

    It works on the Phone but not on the Tab A.

    So maybe someone have a Idea why ?


  • Just tried it on an iPad 2, and works fine.

    So can't really help you, sorry.

  • thx

    Test on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Iphone 5 =Works!

    Test on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 = Not Working

    Testet with Tilt/Mazegames from Google Store all Device working.

    Must be a bug in Construct 2 .

  • Testet with Tilt/Mazegames from Google Store all Device working.

    Must be a bug in Construct 2 .

    It doesn't work like that, unfortunately.

    How did you test the Scirra tutorial? On the tablet in a browser? Which one? Or was it exported via XDK/Crosswalk or Cordova?

    If it was in a stock browser: Chances are that the stock browser on the tab is faulty (there is a long and ugly tradition of that with Samsung)

    If it was the Chrome browser: That would be interesting.

    If it was Cordova: The webview on the Tab is probably suffering from the same fault as the stock browser.

    If it was XDK/Crosswalk: That would be interesting, too.

    So you need to test the two "interesting" options, and see if it happens there. If it does, for example in option 2, you'd need to find a 3rd party in- browsergame that uses the gyroscope and that actually works on the tablet. If that's the case, THEN there's probably a problem hidden somewhere in C2

    Samsung tablets have always been the ass-end of the HTML5 world, and for good reason.

  • All Device (incl.Iphone) was tested with Chrome Browser .

    No APK test.

    i tested the Tab 4 and the Tab 3 device with an game example from Cyberix3d with tilt build in.and it works.

    No html tilt browsergame found yet.


  • You could use this for testing:


    If I need to find test cases not made with C2 I typically start looking at examples of competing HTML5 engines. I found Phaser useful for that (they have a lot of examples and a large community).

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  • THX. Eisenhans

    But same Problem it works on the s3 phone but not in the tab a and tab 3.

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