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  • Hello,

    I would just like to know if there is a performance increase/decrease with respect two using a tilemap to draw pieces of something, vs just using copies of the same sprite over and over again.


    I want to build a platform of made up of 3 32x32 blocks.

    • -I create a sprite 32x32, and then copy it 3 times, and put them next to eachother to make the platform
    • vs
    • -I create a tilemap, size 32x32, and use that tilemap 3 times next to eachother to create the platform.

    I'm failing to see the usefulness of tilemaps in their current form, and I feel like it should be way more obvious as to why one would use them over sprites. Don't both the examples above use the same amount of draw calls?

    Also, take a more common example:

    You want to make an island, made up of three parts. A left corner, a flat center piece, and a right corner (for this example's sake let's say the right corner is drawn fundamentally different from the left, so it's not just a mirrored image).

    • -I use a tilemap to create the island, one 32x32 piece for the corner, one 32x32 piece for the center, and one 32x32 piece for the other corner
    • vs
    • I use three separate sprites 32x32 each to make up the platform
    • vs
    • I use a single sprite incorporating all the above elements into a 32x96 sprite

    Which is more efficient there?


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  • In Construct 3's new runtime Tilemaps are probably be 10-100x faster to draw than an equivalent grid of sprites. In C2 there is still an improvement but it's considerably less. Tilemaps also have dedicated editing tools in the editor.

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