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  • Right, since Ash has stated that Tile Maps are on the to-do list and likely to be among the first four new features to be introduced within future updates, I figured it might be idea to start a discussion on the sort of features such an object/plugin might have.

    Here's my personal list:

    * Support for Tiled tile maps (Tiled is a solid editor with plenty of features, such as layers and tile properties, and it uses XML)

    * Support for orthogonal, isometric and hexagonal maps

    * Tile layers (could be integrated with Construct 2's existing layers system)

    * Multiple tile sizes in a single tile map, or grouping tiles

    * Polygonal collisions for tiles (polygonal collisions are gonna be done first anyway, why the hell not)

    * Animated tiles

    * Being able to modify tilemaps at runtime (replace, destroy or add tiles, these can have gameplay purposes for sure)

    * Highlighting tiles and being able to save tilemap data at runtime (for stuff like level editors)

    I think I might've missed a few, but this is a good enough for now. Not like the devs need to add all these features in one go, that's a bit much! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle"> The very fact that Construct 2 is getting tile map support is wonderful enough for us peeps who like to work with that kind of level design.

  • Thanks for the ideas. We're not going to do tilemaps right away by the looks of things, but when we do, we'll come back and review these ideas and talk about it with everyone to make sure we do the right thing :)

  • Well, of course, it seems Collision Polygons, Physics and Families are gonna come first. I'm in no rush, personally!

  • I think that on top of this (if I am understanding what tile maps are correctly that is ;) ) that there should also be a feature that allows the maps to be randomly generated on start up.

    Say I want the player to be able to start a game and have the map randomly generate with different types of tiles that can be added in, that is what I mean.

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  • That's what we already dicussed in an other topic Crazedgoalie56.

  • -The ability to rotate and flip tiles horizontally & vertically.

    -The ability to select multiple tiles by drawing over the tileset (not using a crappy box you can resize) and being able to rotate the "tile group" as a whole (like tetris pieces) or individually..like in this video: youtube.com/watch

    -The ability to highlight and move groups of tiles.

    -Optional large grid to show the size of one 'screen' in your game.

    -Tile preview

    -Keeping "Tile Groups" as individual tiles, so if you select a group from the tileset, then place them on the grid, you can erase each tile individually. Some editors don't do that..

  • The ability to generate graphics for you.

    Yeah, um might want to try and keep it reasonable.

  • I want to throw this out for discussion.

    Would there be any point at all in adding a tile-specific positioning system? Think rows and columns in excel sheets.

    Edit: Tiled might be a good editor (I dunno, haven't used it) but tailoring C2 features towards it specifically would be a really bad move. What if Tiled stops being worked on?

    Allowing C2 to read XML files and generate terrain based on that would suffice, no need for specific Tiled features I'd say.

  • Could tile maps work like an array so you could generate random maps, which would also allow each tile to hold a value/variable?

    Or if not be able to reference a tile or its location by an index?

  • ::bump:: tiled maps is something i'm really looking for.


  • How do I FAQ

  • C2 can import tilemaps, you can enable snapping to a grid in the layout view, and the sprite's new 'initial frame' property lets you switch between different tiles. That should get you quite far with tile based games.

  • Well sorry but i must say that putting tiles one by one and and changing it's initial frame again and again is just wrong. I've made a test by replicating a rpg maker style level and it's terrible. Even for simple games. Just my feeling. Other's may be comfortable enough with it.

  • C2 can import tilemaps, you can enable snapping to a grid in the layout view, and the sprite's new 'initial frame' property lets you switch between different tiles. That should get you quite far with tile based games.

    I hate to be the one to say it but no, no it won't. Not even close.

    Being able to import spritesheets, change animation frames, and place objects with a snap-to grid is one thing. A tile-based level editor (or the aforementioned tilemap features) is completely different.

    This is the exact same thing you could do in CC, and if it worked people wouldn't still be asking for tile-based level editor features.

    No one in their right mind would make tile-based levels this way. I've tried it for my game for the Fun Chowder competition, using a *tiny* 12x3-tile tileset, and I said screw it and started using Tiled since I can't import levels from my old level editor I made in CC. It's excruciating.

    I hate to be rude about it but you guys mentioned adding all of this tile-based level editor stuff a while back and now it seems to be shrugged off. These "Drag 'n Drop" level editors are just not good for anything other than single-screen or puzzle games.

    The ability to generate graphics for you.

    Yeah, um might want to try and keep it reasonable.

    If that was directed towards me then the features I mentioned were implemented in my level editor made in CC with events only, so I don't think they are that unreasonable. They were a bit 'specialized' though. Eh.

  • Tokinsom nailed it . Drag-n-drop editors are great for a class of games , mainly games that are very art oriented like Aquaria or Braid. That said, a tile editor not only is essential but the types of games that are more adequate to web games right now are most tile based games or games that use tiles in some level. It must be put on top of list. I realize this will involve good changes on runtime and editor and it is hard to make it right but it must be done. With that said i know that dealing with JS is a pain and i won't say "Make it now!" or something but just give it priority. Of course it's a hard task and you just can't put the other easier but important tasks aside and work on it non stop. But mark it as very important :)

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