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  • Hello, yesterday when Ashley posted his latest blog about graphics card drivers he sounded a little down beat so I thought I`d take a moment just to let him and Tom know what a top notch job that they are doing with regards to making one of the best tools that I have ever used.

    Construct 2 is a really special program to me. It is not the first tool of its kind that I have ever used on the PC, far from it. In my quest as an artist to create my own games I have tried several programming languages and just as many game making tools to realise my ideas but none so far have allowed me to do that despite their promises. Many of these were buggy and the ones that had potential were never updated or their creators never listened to their users. Scirra is different...

    I have been thoroughly impressed since day one by both Ashley and Tom. They both seem like really passionate guys who go out of their way to keep everybody here happy. They stay at the forefront of technology and it shows both in Construct 2 and on their website which is fantastically maintained with informative blog posts that give us some fun facts about how and why C2 works the way it does and an insightful up to date manual (which is a huge plus after using some other programs that have bare bones manuals or none at all!).

    Ashley keeps Construct 2 updated on a regular basis without fail and every update is a joy to download just to see what exciting new stuff he has put in for us to play with. Bugs are squashed with each update and you are never left feeling that a problem will be left unresolved. Unlike other developers Scirra also takes the time to listen and you genuinely feel that if you suggest a feature to them that they agree would be beneficial to others then it will be added.

    The more I use the program the more I can see how cleverly it has been thought out behind the scenes, it really is a fantastic, solid piece of work and I cannot wait to see what comes next. After coming from other languages I can truly appreciate the amount of hard work that has been done for us that would be a nightmare for the less technically minded. Things like physics, smooth delta timing and so on have all been taken care of so you never have to worry about these things which is a god send. I hope Scirra will continue to knock down the barriers for those of us who would rather be creating our games then having to solve endless problems. Many creative types simply do not want to learn complex mathematics in my experience (or simple cannot grasp it despite endlessly trying) and C2 goes to great lengths to make sure that we do not have to. Hopefully more features will be added to shield us from these things as I believe this to be one of C2 biggest assets.

    For the first time I can honestly say that creating a game of my own in now truly within my grasp, thank you Ashley, thank you Tom for creating such an awesome product and a great place on the web.

    I`m looking forward to see what you guys do next...

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  • Thanks for taking the time to write this, You're very kind and your words help keep us going!

  • No problem, thank you for the great work that you do.

  • Thank you Scirra!

  • I agree what everything you said, I have never used a better tool than C2(and I have used a lot since the '90s with RPG Maker 95) and would never go back to using traditional languages for games. Also Scirra is a very impressive company, one can only imagine what they could accomplish having more people working under Ashley.

  • thanks scirra finally i found the best program for making games ^^

  • Thank you, Scirra! You are an oasis in a game making wilderness!

  • You guys are amazing, thanks very much Scirra =]

  • Thank you from Brazil!

  • Thanks from Asian :) You guys make my dream come true.

  • Agreed! Scirra is awesome!

  • Yes, definitely awesome. Initially I thought I would just be creating prototypes in C2, but it is so much quicker and more fun than my other tools that I can't stop.

  • I agree. Ever since I stumbled upon it, I have been recommending C2 to anyone who will listen.

    Please don't get discouraged you guys!! You are making groundbreaking software. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I think that when C2 gains widespread use it could be one of the landmark events in the history of video games. This is the software that has the potential to bring game design to the masses.

  • I'm not sure there should be other people working for Scirra. Here is an excerpt from the Tao of Programming:

    A manager went to the master programmer and showed him the requirements document for a new application. The manager asked the master: "How long will it take to design this system if I assign five programmers to it?"

    "It will take one year," said the master promptly.

    "But we need this system immediately or even sooner! How long will it take if I assign ten programmers to it?"

    The master programmer frowned. "In that case, it will take two years."

    "And what if I assign a hundred programmers to it?"

    The master programmer shrugged. "Then the design will never be completed," he said.

  • Scirra is awesome, that's why i chose C2 instead of Impact.js

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