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  • Hi C2 team,

    I have been using C2 for a while now. The game we are working on is requires the skills of three different people. All three are required for programming. Luckily our main developer is living France (so he works while we are asleep in New Zealand) and he makes the graphics and does the initial set up. However, here in the office we have two people working on the same project, or would have if they could both develop at the same time.

    C2 is completely terrible when it comes to collaborative team development.

    My question are there any plans of improving C2 so that it is easier for a team to work.

    One major improvement would be to be able to merge a layout and event sheet into another version of the program.

    Another huge improvement would be a decent search function.

    At the moment search is too basic. For example, if I am searching for a function "myFunction" and that function is not in the current event sheet then I have no way for finding it except by opening all event sheets and checking.

    When you do a search can it please highlight the search term in the text? for example if I search for "WhichOne" it might bring up a hugh amount of code as entire blocks of code are displayed. It would be great if every instance of "WhichOne" is highlighted.

    I have a long list of other items, some of which I have noticed other people already talking about like cleaning up unused icons. Analysing code to check if variables/instance variables are ever used or functions ever called or defined etc

    I understand that you are a small development team and the work you produce is seriously good however, I think instead of pushing on for more new features there should also be times to sit back and improve the usability.

  • I've got a few items on my todo list aimed at searching and refactoring large projects. It takes time to get round to everything though.

    Have you tried putting a folder-based project on source control? That allows multiple people to work on the same project at once and then merge changes. It can resolve conflicts if you both edit the same thing as well, although you should still avoid that (you'd have to merge the XML files by hand). Good source control is very effective, and I think it would be very difficult for us to get anything as good as that if we tried to come up with our own system.

  • Thanks Ashley,

    I will look into source control. I hadn't tried previously because I was worried that it would lead to confusion when new layouts etc are added. Hence a simpler merge ability seemed like a good initial step.

  • I could be wrong, but I thought I read last year that C2 was ok to use over FTP or shared Dropbox. That was the benefit of using caproj over the zipped capx.

    Though I wish I was in your shoes to have some mates work with me on a project :P

    edit: NM. I had this up for 10 minutes afk before posting this. All answered.

  • jayderyu - I might look into that - we use drop box but as single file only.

    I too wish I had mates to work with :) While these are nice people they need to be paid also.

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  • Topic about source control with C2

    Topic on how to use Git/SVN with C2

    Imo, using capx through dropbox with a team (more than 2) is a pain.

    You should rather take the time to configure and use project folder.

  • Kyatric cheers

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