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  • Hey,

    just got the idea to add a "Tasks" folder with a simple ToDo List in it, right in the Projects window. Maybe every item in this special folder got a little "info" and maybe "date" textfield, opened to edit per DoubleClick. Just like a little calendar plugin.

    So i'd thought on about it.

    This could also result in the simple option, to add own folders with RightMouseclick on the active Project, there, and to insert own "Virtual Objects" with the parameters, an equilant "real" object would have.

    At the end, i want Enable or Disable every (Virtual) Object by a CheckBox.

    Guess this would be also a nice feature for future collaboration functions, project management and, of course, debugging.

    Have fun <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I don't know about this, there's tonnes of specialist todo list/project management/calendar software already out there and working great. If we start adding features along those lines I think people will inevitably suggest "oh, if you could just add this..." and "this software does that which would be really cool..." and then before we know it we're re-writing Microsoft Project 2010. We're pushed for time and resources as it is, and plenty of other software exists for this kind of purpose, so why not use them?

  • Also you can always settle for an event sheet not linked to any layout and containing nothing but comments.

    This way you have a mean to "communicate" with your "team" within the capx with the available tools.

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  • This is the solution i'm working with, currently.

    Of course, an integrated todo list is not necessary, but could be a feature in the future.

    Anyway, how do you think about the option, to Enable or Disable the visibility and the Project wide availability for, not only Layers, but also Layouts, Event Sheets, Objects and so on in the Projects window?

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