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  • In the 8-Direction and Platform behaviors, the only choices for movement controls are custom or arrow keys. Is there a possibility there could be 3 options for custom movement?

    • Arrow Keys
    • WASD
    • Custom

    For people without a license, this can be a decent chunk of events to enable WASD movement. (Think of all the stuff you can do in 4 events!)

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  • I agree with this, mannn.

  • I think the problem is that WASD is fine for lots of keyboards ( UK US etc) but there are lots that dont use that layout.

    Where as they all use the arrow keys. AFAIK

  • spongehammer

    wich place dont use the WASD layout??

    because i'm making a game using this set to movement and i did't know that there is places with different keyboard layouts

  • France uses ZQSD, it usually is good enough to allow key rebinding.

  • valdarko

    its good practice to offer keyboard re-mapping to allow the player to use whatever is comfortable for them.

  • Yes, every country (okay, not a lot of countries) with an AZERTY keyboard layout dont use the WASD for movement but ZQSD. So if I found a game where the WASD layout is hard coded and without the possibility to change it, the game is just unplayable for me.

    So definitively you really should create an option page where the player can change every key :)

  • What if you had options for WASD, AZERTY, ZQSD, Arrow Keys, and Custom?

  • But there is still a lot of people who don't use arrow keys because of how out of place they are, and don't make a key binder because that would also use a lot of events.

  • It takes 4 events..If that is too many, buy a license lol.

  • Tokinsom Some people cant afford a license, though. It took me while to get mine. Though it would be easier to add the option to do that.

  • good thing i'v seen this thread, did't know that about keyboards layouts

  • Tokinsom Exactly as InvaderX said. I've been using the free version for almost a year because I can't afford a license. There's lot's of other people that can't afford it either.

  • While it would be nice, I see it as adding too many options just to add 4 events, a 4% expansion of events for free.

    If you're always hitting the 100 event mark, I feel that you're using C2 enough to perhaps purchase the personal license. Either that or look for optimizations elsewhere in your events. Limits are kinda there to make you buy the software.

    I was able to make a basic game that did a lot with just 100 events, and I'd say about 10% of them or so were organizational things. (groups and such). I could've saved that 10% along with more if I bothered to make my code for succinct.

    If you already did that and can't optimize it any more and need more events, you're going to need more than 4.

    But hey, it may be a simple enough suggestion to just quickly code in for the guys so who knows.

  • The intention is to economize the number of events making a WASD movement right? If that's the case then it's a good thing for users with the free edition

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