[Suggestion] Saving layouts individually for teams

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  • Since C2 is completely internal your only option for collaboration is SVN, which I feel is overkill if you're only using it so, say, your team can collaborate on levels.

    That said, maybe we can have the ability to save layouts individually like some other engines do? And an "update layouts" button to apply changes made by team members? This way, if the project is on Dropbox or something similar, team members can work on levels at the same time without overwriting everything else or having to reload the whole project to update other team members' changes.

    Sure it's not the *perfect* solution but it seems like an easy way to allow teams to work on levels together without the hassle of SVN.


  • +1'd.

    I'd be really interested in other people who have worked in teams, were using C2, and have also had success working with forms of subversion like SVN, Git, etc. We're currently using Dropbox which is kinda insane but it's been working out so far... it's just not the best when we run into issues so we have to be very careful not to step on each other's toes at all times.

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  • End what exactly is your process for working off dropbox? We were using the SVN recommended in the Scirra tutorial but found it would lag, making it utterly unusable. So I would like to get familiar with another form of collaboration.

  • Tobye We are using Tiled to make our levels (which are loaded externally) so Dropbox allows us to work on them at the same time. Totally different story when using C2's level editor though, which we plan on using for our next project.

  • Ah I see. Yeah it really does need some easier way to sync work. Doing it manually is very time consuming, SVNs even more so when they fail.

  • SVN is not overkill. It is an extremely well designed tool for exactly this purpose. Use it!

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