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  • Hey guys,

    frequently on my projects I have to add some layers at the middle of the development. It's easy when you are working with 2~5 layouts, but when you are at your 20th layout (about 15th or 17th stage) and you NEED that awesome feature that claims for a new layer things get complicated.

    I know I can create whatever is in that layer by events (that's how I do now), but if the layer don't exist you'll need to create it. Adding and setting a new layer for each layout is an ungrateful task...

    It would be nice to have one or more Master Layouts. If I needed a change that applies to some layouts I would just change my master layout and voil�! All layouts are based on that master layout would change. Be in the order of the layers, creating a new one or the exclusion of an old layer.

    Is it hard to do? Would a plugin be able to do that? If it is, can some of our plugin devs do that? If it isn't, can Ashley put this on the list of future features?

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  • I think what you're looking for are inheritance layers. Using those, you can enter the name of a uniquely named layer in the project and construct will act like that layer is in the layout, copying all of the objects from the original. Construct classic has them, and so C2 probably will as well.

  • Arima

    Wasn't quite what I was looking for, but it's nice too! That inheritance layer will help A LOT our current project in CC. Thank you very much, Arima =D

    I was actually looking for a way to add blank layers (but with the same properties) on every layout at once. Usually I need to add some fog or effects layer on top or in between existing layers.

  • Yeah. Unfortnately a missing feature is to be able to easily mirror certain changes across many layouts. When you have 32 levels, this can get tedious...

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