Stop doing false publicity - Exporting to mac

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  • Bad scirra, bad!

    Please remove the text that exclaims C2 supports exporting to mac. You are doing false publicity.

    Do I look like I have a windows machine and a mac machine in my home network?

    No, I can't just move to C3 because of custom plugins/behaviours.

    Now I look like an ass to my client: "Sure, the game will run on a mac, construct will export it".

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  • Construct 2's NW.js exports can work on Mac, but you must configure the file permissions. This is because Windows doesn't understand the same file permissions that Mac uses so omits them. This happens at the OS filesystem level and is not directly due to Construct. Then when you copy files without the file permissions the executable files are not marked executable so cannot be run; adding the executable permission back fixes it.

    Construct 3 works around this by exporting a zip file, and configuring the zip file permissions. This means as long as you extract the zip on a Mac, the file permissions are correct and it works out-of-the-box. However if you extract it on Windows then copy to Mac the same problem happens, because Windows doesn't understand the file permissions again. There's no workaround to that; Windows just works differently.

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