Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

  • My Solution Below

    The Rate Of Color Change Can Be Adjusted By Adding More Time On to the System Every 2.5 Condition.

    Increasing The Value Will Slow Down Speed And Decreasing Will Speed Up The Rate Of Change

  • Author of Events: Jay Stilla

    Title: Tint--[eFx]-

    .Capx Example: <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/e789s9bxgqfegx8/VegasMode-TintFx.capx?dl=0

    ">DropBox.Com Capx File</a>

    Level: Intermediate

    Scirra LTD Construct 2 [r204.2 Beta]

    Description:Vegas Mode [Several Instance of An Obj - Using Tint Color Effect - Random Parameter & rgb(0,0,0) Value Set From A Single Color Variable With A Value That randomly To Affect Each Instance Separately By .UID# Layout: 10 Sprite/Object- Instance] Needs An Identifier - Add A Variable Called Color That <Varies> In Value =0

    Event Sheet:

    1.Condition: System On Start Of Layout

    // Action: Sprite - Set Tint Effect to Enable


    2. Condition: System Every Tick

    // Action : Sprite - Set Var Color to round(Random(0,255))

    // Action Sprite - Set Effect Tint Parameter Index=round(random(0,2)) Value= Self.Color


    3.Condition: System Every 2.5 Secs -

    // Action Sprite Set Effect Tint Parameter Index= 0 Value= Self.Color+50

    Press S - or Add Sub Event

    4.Condition: Sprite Pick Instance With UID. Value =round(random(0,10))

    //Action Sprite Set Value of Var Color to Choose(25,50,75,100,125,150) + round(Random(100,0)

    //Action Sprite Set Effect Tint Parameter Index =1 Value= Self.Color - 50


    5. Condition: Sprite Pick Nearest To - X= random(LayoutWidth), Y = random(LayoutHeight)

    // Action Sprite Set Effect Tint Parameter Index= 2 Value= Self.Color-25


  • Thanks JAYSTILLA but what I need is a way to tell 4 out of 10 sprites in a container to change their effect parameters to match a 5th sprite in the same group of 10. I have it working now with everything being set when it is spawned, but I wouldn't mind a way to say say look at sprite: box in the same container as you.

    I appreciate you trying to help me out though.


  • lucid Yes, that's it. I want to be able to set starting opacity in the properties pane~

    I mean I set the spriter object fade in with lite tween plugin,and I need to set opactiy "0" In the beginning,



    • Added edittime property 'starting opacity'.

    What I want to have happen is the box has all of the variables for the different colors and are randomly picked on creation. Then Each Sprite in my Spriter Object will look to the box for its variables and change their tints accordingly. I'm having trouble with them referencing the box.

    sman118, For that you could add the playerbox sprite to the container. Then when you refer to playerbox.myVariable it will automatically associate with the correct playerbox. Here's an example with opacity retrieved from the private variable 'startingOpacity' in 'PlayerSprite':

  • Your Welcome sman118

  • lucid Does Spriter support warping yet?

  • lucid Does Spriter support warping yet? If not, does anyone know a program where you can warp sprites. Thanks

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  • lucid Does Spriter support warping yet?

    Spriter Pro let's you try out an early prototype version of our future warping features (this video has a brief overview of how to test it: https://youtu.be/V0ehOfGP5XY?t=383). We don't recommend starting a major project with warping just yet, as the final version of the feature will be expanded and enhanced, and projects using the current version of the feature might not be compatible with the final version. Also, because the current version will be replaced with a better version, we can't invest any time in support if you happen upon any bugs or issues with this prototype version of warping. Here's an example of what one user was able to create with the prototype feature: http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php? ... tes/page-2

    It will eventually be fully supported in both Spriter and the C2 plugin, but in the meantime, you can export animations using the current deform feature to sequential pngs and import them as regular sprites in C2, if you just want to try it out.

  • Hi lucid,

    Do you mind if I pm you a zip of a spriter project I'm having difficulty with? I seem to have reached some sort of limit with spriter; if I duplicate and edit a couple of animations and then import the updated scml into my game, it causes all of the spriter object's images to delete from the project... I have 80 animations and I'd rather not make it available publicly if possible. I have reverted to a backup copy and everything imports normally into C2 again, but it seems that I am unable to make any more changes to the animations without the import into C2 failing.... I'm using C2 r211 (although this happens in each version down to r206 minimum), Spriter r4.1 and the latest Spriter plugin, tested on both W10 and W7...


  • How do we get the sounds to play? I have it running great in Spriter, but when i port it over there are no sounds.

    Sounds import into C2 just fine, but they do not play on que.

  • To add to my earlier bug report - when I Save As my working backup and replace the .scml and .scon file, a bunch of information is omitted from the new save:

    Here's an example from the working version:

    <entity id="0" name="player">
            <obj_info name="player_torso" realname="torso" type="sprite">
                    <i folder="0" file="0"/>
    Here's an example of the same section of the .scml from the newly saved version:
    [code:lit83fyl]<entity id="0" name="player">[/code:lit83fyl]
    ie The obj_info information appears to have been omitted from the new save...
  • Thanks for all the info. I got your PM. I will take a look, and get back to you soon.

    jojoe this vid should help, but let me know if you have additional questions :

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  • - I'm not sure if you recently switched dev machines or did a system restore, but it looks like your save options in Spriter are disabled. If you reenable the save options, it should work:

  • lucid - as a matter of fact, I recently installed W10... Thank you for saving my life so quickly from my own incompetence!! It's so long since I installed Spriter for the first time that I never thought to follow the installation video again.... That'll learn me! Cheers!

  • Excellent. Glad you're back on track.

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