Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • yaomon17, Please send over the relevant zipped scml project folders, and the capx file.

  • lucid

    Zipping now. I tested it after the import and everything seems to be fine in terms of the new animations but the actual sprites in the layout look like this:


  • lucid - when I use the "current key frame is" condition, it only seems to trigger the action that follows after about half of the time. I'm using b10 and 32-bit C2 v. 180 on Windows 8.1.

  • Ok, there is a further problem with the actual e-mail which I'm not sure you can help with. I attempt to send this: http://puu.sh/bQ6EA/456db6b3ec.png and keep getting this message sent back : http://puu.sh/bQ6FE/7d965e6229.png

  • yaomon17, yeah that sounds like it's on your end. I'm receiving other emails fine. Can you put on dropbox maybe?

    PSI, if you have two keys close together and the framerate causes it to skip over one of the keys it won't ever trigger that state, so if you're trying to use that as a triggering, I'd suggest waiting for event feature to get implemented in the plugin. I'll keep a lookout for this when I'm working on the plugin later, though.

  • I found the issue. In the animation 'Spellsmith_DS', at this time: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/257 ... lslash.PNG

    You have an image that was removed from the directory, but is still referenced in the project. If you change this to a different image, or add a file called "SpellSmith_DualAttackSlash0000.png" to the directory it should import fine.

    In prior versions Spriter would create an image file that looked like the missing image symbol, but that was causing issues when users edited a file with older software and trying to refresh in Spriter would cause a valid image to get overwritten.

    I added a few related things to Spriter's to do list though, because now that it doesn't create the files automatically, it should warn you on exit, list missing file names and ask if you want to generate the missing file pngs.

  • Wow, I would have never found that. Thanks!

  • Hi again everyone.

    Tiny update to the plugin:

    plugin changelog 9/28/14

    • Fixed a bug where upon resuming an animation, playback would skip forward the amount of time it had been paused.
    • Added set opacity action.

    I'm looking back through the pages, and I remembered there being more bugs to fix, but I'm not finding all of them. If you're having any issues with the plugin, please reply in this thread again. I will be fixing any critical bugs over the next few days ASAP. I will start getting all the pro-features into the plugin upon full release of B11 which should be sometime this week.

    PSI, sorry to make you do this again, but please send me an email with your latest capx, and a list of all the issues you're still experiencing. I know the one with not being able to set opacity on individual body parts. I'm not sure if the new set opacity action will fit your needs for your game or not. There was another issue with an animation playing back differently (or broken) in C2 that was working correctly in Spriter? Please also send the latest zipped Spriter project, so I can see the difference in animation, and please also list any bugs I missed listing just now in an email. Thanks again for your patience.

  • lucid

    Talking about the Sprite not the plugin. I'll make a small video to show what I'm doing and a written comment about what I thought it shuold do. That way you can let me know what I'm doing wrong

  • I think I know what you mean

    Each individual sprite that makes up your character has the pivot point forced at 0,0, and now if you change the sprite's pivot point in the layout, at runtime that sprite is offset in the animation. Ashley and I decided to have the plugin do pivot point calculations because C2 doesn't allow changing of pivots at runtime, but Spriter's format does.

    I can make the plugin compensate for pivot points altered after import. I think I have a solution that doesn't involve any extra calculations, but there's a few other plugin features and Spriter features I'm working on first. So it's on the todo list.

  • lucid - no problem! I think you fellas are doing an excellent job. I tried the set opacity action on both individual sprites and spriter families and neither worked. I tried them with a single trigger and set every tick conditions and neither worked. Out of curiosity, I also tried the set invisible action in both ways mentioned above and neither worked. Other than these, the only ongoing issue I'm aware of experiencing right now is the distortion of the mutant zombie attack animation - his arm flies off when he punches. This does't show up in spriter. Also, I know I've mentioned this before but if you could make it so that effects could be applied to entire spriter animations through the spriter object, I'd be able to do everything I need to do in my game. Once again, thanks to you and Mike for your hard work. I'm so glad I discovered C2 and spriter. I am sending a link to my latest capx.

  • lucid - To be clear, I meant that I tried these things with opacity and visibility after installing the latest plugin.

  • Personally I hate animation and everything to do with it. Rigging, Onion Skinning, etc etc it's probably based on my traumatic experiences working with Flash back 2002... but anyway, this app has actually been a breeze to use. I watched the Getting Started tutorial from brashmonkey.com and now I am using Spriter on the daily!

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  • lucid - hi Lucid, i have one question, its possible to pick instances comparing by entity? i see compare current animation.


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