Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

  • TheRealDannyyy - the one form the database. Thank you. I forgot to update that link. I'll do that now.

  • I use spriter R11 and the latest version of construct 2 and since i've updated spriter, it doesn't import in construct 2 at all. (My old spriter animations are still imported correctly but then if i open them with r11 and update their scml, they aren't imported anymore)

    Construct 2 important the scml and scon file but not the sprites.

    Someone else from the official forum got this bug too...


  • pirikos could you please send an email to mailsen@brashmonkey.com with this issue copy pasted, along with the Spriter project (the scml and scon files and images zipped together), and we'll take a look.

    also everyone - The first feature of Spriter 2 is available for testing if you own it through the BrashMonkey store or Steam (check either place for the Spriter 2 Testing subforum). It will be available for those who got it from the Scirra store as well as soon as the new version is approved. This usually takes about a day or two, but as soon as I know it's approved I'll update this thread.

  • 1-2-2019

    • Fixed a bug that prevented events from triggering
  • Just a heads up. The first Spriter 2 feature test build is live. There is already a second build waiting for approval, but for the time being at least, it seems upload approvals are taking longer than they used to. It is available as an alternate download for those who purchased Spriter Pro on the Scirra store.

  • Anonnymitet and everyone - new version:


    • Fixed a bug that prevented the plugin from initializing on Cordova iOS builds

    Thanks again to chadorireborn and Ashley for their help getting this working.

  • lucid Thank you for that quick fix! :)

  • 1-12-2019

    • fixed a bug that made it so the plugin would continue attempting to load a file while a load was already in progress (with Cordova exports)
    • fixed a bug where changing layouts to one where the project was already cached could cause it to ignore the 'starting animation' property and default to the first animation in the entity instead
  • Hello everyone. There's an updated feature test of Spriter 2 as an alternate version for Spriter Pro owners on the Scirra store. This version includes an automatic updater/patcher so you won't need to download new versions from the store anymore.

    Here's a preview of some of the new stuff to test

  • hello. it seems spriter plugin doesn't work in c2 eventhough i followed this video: youtube.com/watch

    is there something wrong with your plugin?

  • hello. it seems spriter plugin doesn't work in c2 eventhough i followed this video: youtube.com/watch

    is there something wrong with your plugin?

    Can you please explain in more detail? What format are you using?(draw self or normal) and is there any kind of error message? What is the resulting problem?

    Can you make a screen recording of your full process of exporting from Spriter and importing into Construct and then email a link to the video to mikezwc@brashmonkey.com ?

  • wow! there is a lot on that road map! sounds exciting... can't wait for the interactive version :)

  • Hello, can we have more information on a date when Spriter will support runtime C3 please ?

    I can't make function in runtimeC2 wih is lilttle annoying.

    Thanks :)

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  • It already supports c3runtime for some time now.

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