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  • Hey Ashley, awesome blog entry today! Really awesome news; this has actually opened up enormous potential for my upcoming app!

    I just wanted to report that on iphone 4s with wifi, ios6, and everything updated, that the sound (except for the sound that occurs when you yourself die) doesn't work in safari.

    As a homescreen app, however, all the sound works as expected.

    Also, while the performance isn't at all great in the browser, it is almost unusable (average around 14 fps, going down as low as 3 fps) as a homescreen app.

    I thought I'd report this here to see if anyone else is getting different results.

    Anyways, like I said, awesome news and thanks so much for the blog post!

  • I'm afraid I'm getting terrible performance too - except on an iPad 3 running iOS 5.1.1. The previous space blaster performace test ( got an average of 35 fps - The new one starts at 60, but hovers around 5 as soon as enemies come on screen. :(

    Might this have anything to do with the performance problem mentioned here?

    I also noticed that I got differing levels of performance sometimes depending on what full screen mode I used - letterbox seemed to perform the best.

  • Ipad3 and ios6 makes it drop sometimes to around 7fps (it does not really seem to be influenced so much by what is on screen funny enough), but I guess that's expected for now.

  • iPad 3 ios6 Safari,had music but no sound effects, 30-40 fps. Chrome browser on iPad 3 had all sounds, but lagged from them. Launched from home screen had all sounds, fps slightly slowed by sounds.

    <font size="2">No sounds what so ever now.</font>


    Deleted app frm home screen, re-installed sound works first time only.

  • It's hard to tell if these are Safari bugs - I had it working fine on an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3, but they did occasionally lose audio. I think it might be to do with closing the window before Safari finishes loading the offline cache in the background. So it ought to work as long as you keep the window up for a while the first time you play. If it's a Safari bug there's really not much we can do about it.

    As for performance, mobile devices usually need some time to "warm up" - it could run 10 FPS at the start, but then after a while it should get smoother and then run 30 FPS+ consistently. That's what I see anyway. Are those of you reporting poor performance only watching for a short amount of time? It should improve if you let it go longer.

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  • No, sorry. It doesn't get any better, unless the sound stops.

  • I tried clearing the website data and loading and letting it sit for a couple minutes, and I'm sorry to say the performance got worse, hovering at about 1-3 fps. :(

    I still think it might be related to the landscape problem I mentioned in the other thread because in both cases, the fps is at 60 until a bunch of sprites get created - even though that problem only happens in landscape and not portrait, whereas the space blaster problem happens in both modes.

    I really don't know, just trying to come up with ideas. For reference though, I don't know if it's a power saving setting or something about the warmup period, but I've never encountered it on my iPad when doing performance tests - and in the landscape performance problem in the other thread, that's definitely not the case because the performance difference is instant when switching back and forth between landscape and portrait.

  • Hi.

    On my Iphone4 (ios6) i get no sound at all.

    Tried a friends Ipad2, it also plays no sound.

    Dont know what to do?

    Keeping the window up for a longer time doesnt work for me either.

    Desktop safari is working perfect.

    Edit: Solved!

    In the (touch to start screen) i have 1 condition that plays all sounds in the game 1 time at -100 volume.

    Then it loads the first level.

    After that all sounds function correct!

  • I should mention that I upgraded to iOS 6 on my iPad 3 and the performance problem for the new space blaster demo is gone now and i'm got getting any audio problems with it either. The previous performance problem I mentioned in the thread I linked to remains, though.

  • I don't have sound in Safari iPad2 iOS 6 in any game, after all safari audio in iOS 6 works or not?


  • As far as I know, the games have to be exported in r105 or newer, so games exported before then won't take advantage of the new web audio API.

  • Arima, yes i am using R107, but audio doesn't work at all.

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