Something broken in R166? strange audio issue

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  • Just update to R166, preview over iOS cocoonjs launcher, some of my audio doesn't play, some doesn't stop, and only happen to touch triggered audio, same file works fine in R165, so something seems broken in R166 but I cant find what exactly is causing this problem.

    anyone experience the same?

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  • My project also is suffering for some reason the keyboard is registrering twice in the same tick and now my menus dont open... because when i hit escape to open the menu... it closes immediately becuase it triggering twice the same goes for menus where you use the arrows to choose... when i hit up, it skips 1 option... something with the new system of triggers is broken.... everything was working well before

    (from the release notes)


    Some further event engine optimisations, particularly aimed at making triggers faster to fire

    something must be broken...

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