Solving the infamous 'collision picking' issue

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  • Thought you might be interested to know: in the latest release (27), the 'pick nth instance' system condition allows for a good way of working around the 'collision picking' issue. The problem usually is in the event 'Sprite collides with Sprite' (both objects the same), how do you make actions to affect just one of them?

    Pick nth (which is 0 based, like everything else) in subevents can solve this:

    <img src="">

    Hurray, no more "how do I pick that instance" problems

  • Awesome, no more Family Trick .

  • That sounds like a great solution to me. Much more intuitive than using families, I think.

    I wonder if that case would fit some situations where there are multiple sprites colliding simultaneously. I think so, but I'm a bit fuzzy on whether something like this would be needed sometimes, or at all:

    Sprite: on collision with Sprite:

    • System: Pick Sprite instance 0 -> Do one thing...
    • System: Pick Sprite all other instances -> Do another thing...


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  • Awesome! Great job turning something complex into something simple. Thats actually my favorite definition of genius.

  • Argh! Images not showing up. I hope this is answered somewhere else too. ...trying to figure out how to make pick nth instance work.

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