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  • Hello everyone

    Anyone knows a good tutorial on how to make a socket.Io server

    And knowing that the server will be compatible with Zack0Wack0 Socket.Io plugin or a tutorial on how to use the plugin and make a server .

    Thank you everyone <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I doubt you appreciate the difficulty of network programming. Network programming is too difficult to be tutorialized. However, this is a good place to get started.

    GameDev Multiplayer FAQ

  • I doubt you appreciate the difficulty of network programming. Network programming is too difficult to be tutorialized ...

    I'd go along with Trevor10 here. And as Zack0Wack0 said to you in another thread where you asked basically the same question:

    "I'm going to be completely honest here, if you can't work out how to setup MMO networking, then you shouldn't be making a MMO."

    As for me, I do understand your eagerness to make a multi-player game - that's great, and one day you will - but you really do need to start with mastering the theory and practice of network programming. It's complex and challenging stuff [voice of experience ], and one day you will master it, but start with getting your head around the basics: here's a really good place to start.

  • Velojet i am really starting to practice ... i can do a server but .. i cannot figure out how to make the server setup

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  • If you really want a multiplayer game that bad then I suggest learning how to program.

    AS3 is pretty easy to learn, And C2's event system feels allot like AS3 programming, I mean AS3 is a programming language so you need a IDE but the events and expressions are similar!

    Multiplayer is not something C2 is easily able to do right now, a user is developing a multiplayer plugin, but I presume its not easy and I have no heard from him in a while, so your gonna have to wait.

  • I'm not doing a multiplayer rather I use to see if I can make node.js what is playing on a page can be viewed in another or if I can synchronize two devices to enter a page. if you have any idea how I can do this I would appreciate very much.

  • may this article help you a little <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I already understood to with node.js and found an example but this example is an object which I imagine is a plugin or something called "controller" know where I can find this plugin I imagine is to control a sprite from any touch device

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