Social Media Objects work with PhoneGap? What about XDK?

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  • Hi everyone,

    So I recently saw a thread that said that since phonegap doesn't support tabs, then this means twitter and facebook objects won't work because they rely on tabs somehow.

    So with that being the case, that's a bit of a kink in the armor of PhoneGap since making games without any social hooks is unwise. With this being the case, is XDK victim to the same issue?

    I'm trying to make a simple test game game but my non-game requirements are:

    • IAP (buy currency for a simple store)
    • Share score via twitter and facebook
    • interstitial and banner ads (admob)
    • iOS

    I know there are objects in C2 for all of these and now exporting is possible for PhoneGap to export to both iOS and Android, but I'm just concerned i'm going to find myself trying to get things to work when it might be well known by others that these things don't work with PhoneGap and/or XDK.

    I'm favoring XDK for this project though because iOS8 is not going to be on a majority of the devices out there and to the best of my knowledge XDK will run better on iOS7, however that might not be the case since I haven't actually published to iOS through XDK, I had done extensive testing with android.



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  • I did see a tutorial out there ... r-android/ for crosswalk / xdk that seem really cool as it refers to using xdk cortana plugins. I just wonder if anyone has run into problems with this for iOS / XDK exporting. Does anyone know if PhoneGap plugins (I know there are many out there) operate in a similar manner?

    I'm going to be doing some exploration into this, but i really would like to have some insight about this going in. I've wasted time in the past trying out things that simply don't work because there is no documentation / information from C2 that gives us any way of knowing what does or doesn't work before we try..

  • Ok so with PhoneGap I did some testing with Twitter.. it "Works" but the way it does it is it leave the app screen and goes to another web page which is the twitter post screen.. you have to log in and all that, but while that is tolerable, the real issue is that there is no way to go back from that post screen.

    I'm having some issues with XDK saying it's not on the internet so I'm working through that and once its ok, I'll try XDK and see how twitter works there.

  • It seems that having the twitter object in the game caused some problems besides the fact it didn't work. It actually made the top status bar appear even though it was set to be hidden in the options.

    I'm working with Robert and another one if his co-workers about some issues with publishing to iOS with XDK. I have to figure out how to get that to work first before I can test twitter and facebook options. Unfortunately I'm in "certification hell" right now where XDK does't like any of the .p12 or .cer files I give it to allow me to successfully compile an IPA.

    Does anyone know if it matters what export option we use? I've been doing android, but maybe to do iOS normal HTML5 is necessary? i thought I tried it, but i'm not sure that really matters at this point in the process. I'll let you know what I find out.

    Also interesting discovery. iOS7/PhoneGap didn't seem all that bad actually. Yes I did notice it would choke for a quick second when objects were created / destroyed but when i found a workaround to one particular thing that used that approach with a different approach, I found it actually played very well.

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