How to sell HTML5 games?

  • I have a game full completed with all the features, but I dont know where or how to sell my game to publishers. Are there any publisher website which can buy the game or do i have to keep it with myself forever?

  • you can take a look at

  • yes I have created an account there and it seems nice, anymore ideas?

  • Export it as an Android app and sell on the Google Play store. Same with iOS. Then of course there are sites that will host your game and you get some revenue from the ads. There's plenty of ways to make money. :)

  • I've been licensing my HTML5 games to publishers for the past 7 months, and have made over $20,000 doing so at time of writing.

    My advice is to approach publishers directly and build your own list of contacts. When you use a service like MarketJS, you're competing with a lot of others for a small pool of publishers. There are a lot more out there.

    While I don't really want to bring this up in my first few posts on this forum, I joined just to reply to you and I feel this is relevant: I'm currently writing a book called "Making Money With HTML5" which I believe would help you a lot.

    The book is available for pre-order, but since it won't be finished for a couple of months yet soon I'm sending out a "quick guide" to all of my pre-order customers that will explain the vital information that they need to know. Included in this guide will be the details of a few publishers that I have access to.

    If you do wish to pre-order the book you'll also receive this information. The link to my site is below:

    It's not cheap, but it would be a wise investment.

    I provide more detailed personalized support to my customers but I hope this post has helped you. Contact publishers directly - that's where the money is at.

  • True Valhalla

    Thanks for your help, and yes would like to see how your book is, And I'll do exactly as you said, of contacting game publishers.

  • No problem, I hope it goes well for you! If you do order, feel free to email me or PM me for more personalized help.

  • And, Some body know what publisher search games?

  • Hi True Valhalla,

    I was interested in purchasing your book, and noticed your offer to supply pre-order customers with information regarding the publishers you have access to.

    I guess the pre-order stage has now finished. But I wanted to ask, is this information also available in the book? Or was this an addition only for pre-order customers.

    Thanks for the advice

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  • Media , try to expose your game on big forums , the more the game is appreciated , the more it will draw attention

    I got one offer when I was in the prototype stage :)

  • r was this an addition only for pre-order customers.

    This. It was an exclusive goodie.

    But you might want to look at this rather in-depth blog posting:

    There is a lot of valuable info in there, including a few links to publishers (down at the bottom) to get you jump-started.

  • Hi, sorry for the slow reply.

    Some initial information was supplied to pre-order customers, though I will be updating the book to include specific publisher details in the near future as such information has become more common lately.

    You can also keep an eye out on my blog and I'll be posting my thoughts about sponsors soon.

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  • True Valhalla

    I have a question. Do you do your own art for licensed games or do they provide the art?

  • I do all of my own art usually, or outsource to skilled artists when necessary. Publishers do not provide you with art most of the time but sometimes they ask you to replace your graphics with some they have provided...but that's rare.

  • True Valhalla

    Appreciate the information. I was wondering about that. I need to find a team artist then :D

    love your blog by the way.

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