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    Awesome, thanks!


    One question, wouldn't you mind to add comments in product page? sometimes comments are useful to prevent duplicated bug report, show extra instructions, feedbacks and have nice suggestions.

    Got my 1st assets in the store now.

    By the way Tom, I don't think the product page (AKA single) works in the current layout.

    Compare this item from the scirra store with this item from codecanyon

    I guess we don't need full HTML access, but surely BBCode (like we have here in the forums) would be fine...? Also surely we should be able to iFrame (or directly embed) a c2 game demo directly in the preview page?

    There are also too many "Add to basket" buttons, the description box is too cramped, and the "single project license" box obscures part of the image.

    IMHO, to un-cramp the single, both the FAQ and Package Content should be moved into their own tabs on the product page.

    Hey, I figured out, that there is an issue with this little Payment Symbols down left. They overlap each other

    Nothing to bad, i just noticed


    +1 for that

    Joannesalfa possibly as a future addition yes, am thinking of tying it in with the forum somehow, perhaps a new forum category for the store, which creates a new thread automatically for each new added product.

    Fimbul demos is a supported feature, go to edit item and it lets you link. We're happy with that for now but may extend it's capabilities in the future. There's lots we can do here, but we're happy for now. Please also note, we are planning on selling Construct 2 with exactly the same system as our sellers, no special additions! This helps us use it, test it ourselves, improve it and see the places it's lacking etc etc.

    Decramping is something we will do as well, tabs is a good idea.

    Beaverlicious thanks, am aware and will fix

    To everyone

    I'm off on holiday today for a week. If new sellers want to join the beta, please email for this week as I will be unable to have access to email. Items will still be approved.

    Tom Good, thanks for letting me know.

    tulamide good question. For audio assets obviously I think it's perfectly reasonable to change the format. As far as modifying the royalty free assets themselves, what are sellers thoughts on this? If you sell graphics/sounds would you mind if someone were to heavily modify them?

    Edit, in fact the current license does not prohibit modification so I think it's OK to leave at that. We do have the clauses:

    [quote:30shte0f]Licensee may not superficially modify the Licensed Content and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale. For example, but without restriction, Licensee may not resell audio tracks as backgrounds, hold music, ringtones etc.

    Licensee may not incorporate the Licensed Content into a logo, trademark or service mark.

    Wanted to chime in here as I have music in the new store. I don't mind if my content is modified-- whether a little bit, or a lot. I also don't mind if it's used in advertisements, vulgar content-- I'm okay with pretty much everything, though it is nice that it's only good for a single commercial project,but can be used in unlimited noncommercial projects. I think that's a fair deal for all parties. Thanks!

    Is it possible to implement Skrill for receiving payments? It's UK based company and in my country (and many others) Paypal currently allows only sending funds but Skrill works fine both ways.

    Tom, after a user download one graphic resource there, he told me about the download lacking the zip extension.

    Have a good vacation!


    I would like to ask you two things.

    1. What's the point of selling assets in psd files only? Not everyone uses or have access to Photoshop, You just limiting your potential buyers.

    2. More importantly, why are you selling/distributing "Venus Rising" font?



    Well, yeahhh it definitely is limiting and I´ll surely will add some PNG´s etc in near future to make it available for a wider range. It´s just a timesaver at the moment and I´m pretty busy right now. If there is serious interest I´ll make it asap, if not it may takes some time

    Also...I´m honest right now....I´m pretty sure that you always need access to a graphic-dude or graphic software to make such an interface, whether it´s from me or from someone else, work 100% professionally! There are heaps of templates on graphicriver etc, but I don´t see any that would cover all I need with just PNGs, not even the fundamentals.


    Well, I honestly got this font from a package of a major site advertising "100% free - use it everywhere, anytime" under CC-0 liscence. I may need to check that again and see if it is okay to put it in directly into the package or if I should put in a doc which leads to the source. Thanks for that!

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    This is serious violation of this font license and Scirra Store Terms and Conditions.

    You should remove that file from your packaged immediately and be glad that store is not public yet and no one bought your assets.

    This is serious violation of this font license and Scirra Store Terms and Conditions.

    You should remove that file from your packaged immediately and be glad that store is not public yet and no one bought your assets.


    We don't have the sellers agreement yet, but I'm sure it will include a clause stating that you, the seller, must hold all the rights to the work in question (which by the way you, Beaverlicious, do not).

    Even if that were not the case, this store isn't supposed to become a dump for free content! Not only does that practice reek of dishonesty (even if not wholly illegal), but leads to disgruntled buyers, when they find out that the assets they purchased are available elsewhere for free.

    Also, what happens when a buyer buys the exclusive license, expecting the content to be taken off, then finds it available elsewhere?

    It raises more complex issues, even if the font is able to be resold, you'd have to bundle the TTF/TTE files with the source for it to even work...

    It gets more complicated when you realise that many "free" fonts are simply copies of protected fonts (i.e DTL Argo) - I can see a lot of templates suddenly using Arial..

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