54 seconds to save a project?

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  • Seriously, I need to know if it is supposed to take this long to save a project. It does this every time, no matter how small the changes are in the project. I can move a sprite one pixel over, and it will still take this long.

    I timed it to about 54 seconds, so just short of a minute. That's how long I have to wait just to save it. Naturally, this tries my patience, and I lose my train of thought.

    I just downloaded version 152 (64bit). My computer is definitely good enough to handle it. Unless there is something wrong with either my computer or C2, I don't know what to do. I save often. I'm the paranoid type. But I can't save while having to wait nearly a minute each time.

    Also, it's a small project. I don't have many tabs open. There isn't a bunch of junk running in the background either.

    Surely this is not normal. Is it?

  • It usually takes about 2 to 3 seconds on my game with over 1000 events, and half that on the smaller games. I have noticed that auto save can take an extra couple of seconds longer for some reason.

  • And that's what it should take.

    I mean this thing is maybe 440kb, 9.3mb memory usage, and 47 events. I just started.

    I opened another project that I did during a tutorial, and it took about 15 seconds to save.

    I need to fix this.

  • The saving time is barely even noticeable for most of my smaller projects, and only around 5-6 seconds at most for my larger projects.

    I'd say there's something amiss -- perhaps an incompatibility between your system and the software, or a general problem with your computer. Are any other programs on your computer experiencing difficulties?

  • Is there any chance that you have some sort of active virus watchdog thing running in the background, that checks every file being created in real time? One of these things going rampart (we had that case once that before it would actually check the file, it would list all mounted partitions and thus have the optical drive spin up, which took a while).

  • Are you using a folder-based project? They are designed to be faster to save. If you're saving to a single-file .capx and have a 100mb project, every time you hit save it has to re-compress all 100mb of data back in to a single file, whereas a folder-based project just updates the one or two changed files.

  • I have also 'felt' that the saves in the last few builds have taken a lot longer than before the backup feature was introduced (and I use folder-based projects).

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  • Well, I'll play with it some this afternoon and report back if I find out what is causing it.

  • Also, I don't know if it's related or not, but the pop up menus sometimes don't show up until I mouse over them, and then the text appears one at a time.

    For example, in the animations window. I right click on an animation, but none of the options like "add animation," "duplicate," etc show up until I move the mouse over them.

  • Well, I fixed the save issue. I went to preferences and turned off the auto backup feature. It now saves instantly.

    I guess I'll just back it up manually from now on.

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