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  • Let me try to keep this, ah, quick...

    Is there going to be scripting (a la Classic's Python scripting, i.e. in the event editor) in C2? I personally thought that Classic's scripting system is very rough and even buggy at times (which is understandable, since you guys spent so long making the event system shine as it does), but I know that having some sort of scripting in C2 (any language; I'm flexible) would be great for me - I can do a lot of things quicker by scripting than I can with events.

    With all respect,


  • It took me long time to get used to d&d. I would like to have this option too.

  • If you can do it quicker with scripting, start programming.

    This has been explained so many times now that I think it needs a place in the FAQ or a sticky or something. If you want to extend C2's capabilities in some fashion, make a plugin with JavaScript. If you want to program exclusively, I don't think C2 is the tool for you.

  • If you prefer to script and work faster that way Impact might be the right tool.

  • Have you tried the Javascript SDK?

  • Write the entire game as one plug in.

  • Plugin is designed for reusing, it worth to learn/make.

  • If you prefer to script and work faster that way Impact might be the right tool.

    Huh, what? Is there another HTML5 tool? How does it compare to Construct 2? Here are a few features I like about Construct 2. Does it do:

    1. Code obfuscation?

    2. Export to HTML5 sites such as Chrome Store, Windows 8, Kongregate?

    3. How large and helpful is the community?

    4. How much do they provide for wannabe RPG game creators?

    5. Any other feature comparisons?

    I love Construct 2, but inquiring minds wanna know!

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  • The best place to get those answers would be from their website. I don't use Impact and am unlikely to start. However, unless you have solid knowledge of JavaScript or are willing to put in the time learning don't bother. With Impact you have to code your entire game. Hence it's nothing like C2 where only if you need very specific functionality do you have to write code in the form of a plugin.

  • TheBen

    Programming was not the main focus in Construct. If you want to get your hands dirty, there's a lot of tools that can get you that. Or you could just go the manly men route and get an IDE, like Programmers' Notepad or something and type away.

    In Construct, you just have to make the concession of accepting that the code you create is not typed. Not severe, really. If you REALLY need to use code because something you want is not there, you can always suggest it's inclusion in future builds or get a plugin done.

    If you want to clean up your project, just open c2runtime.js in your project folder and edit it afterwards.

    I too asked that question, but C2 is great as it is, so I decided to accept it and I'm quite pleased with it.

  • You can actually type events using keyboard shortcuts. Press E for a new event, type letters in the name of the object, press enter, type letters in the condition, press enter, tab through the parameters, press enter.

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